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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Playing with fire

To my dismay, I saw a widely spread stupidity in social media about Hex-On-Trump. I believe this idiocy originates to common "liberal" provocateurs of the Dem party that are not really Pagan witches. It is similar to the revealed scammer Elizabeth Warren that was supposed to be of native descendant but that turned out to be A LIE OF HERS merely for votes.

A christian priest - yes, a christian priest - kindly warned a Wiccan sister of what was about to happen because he didn't want his church to be accused by history of another witch-hunt without even being their fault. It's the fault of some greedy and corrupt to the bone politicians. I am not a fan of "coexist" and I believe in a separate community - maybe I am wrong but is my opinion anyway - but this priest would be welcome because he is really a good man.

Their intentions are two-fold:

First to ignite a new witch hunt that will be carried out by the GOP bible fanatics so that their hands will remain "clean." This is done to open the way for their beloved muslims that hate pagans and the Quran calls for their DEATH. The muslim oil oligarchs pay billions to the Dem party to promote their vile agenda in the USA and the West. This agenda is based on the orders of their Quran. Have no doubt that the Dem party is NOT an ally of Pagans despite their statements. They materialize the wishes of their sponsors and the Pagan community can not compete with the Saudis financing the Dems.

Second, to appear as saviors to Pagans to get their votes despite their secret plots for their destruction. Quite a Machiavellian plan. They are clever but not that clever. Hexing the President is an unconstitutional act of treason and an insult in public against the Head of the State. They also might have troubles with the law if someone sues them. I advice Wiccans not to support that and to protest wherever they find it.

Those who take part in these idiotic hexes are NOT Wiccans or serious witches. They are new-ager would-be-witches that do not belong to any legitimate Wiccan Church. Many Wiccan Churches condemned it because they know that it may lead to a new witch-hunt by bible fanatics. And it also goes against the Rede and the Old Law:

A. You must harm none.
B. You aren't permitted to brag that you are a witch and threaten to curse.
C. Even if you are asked if you are a witch or know anything about it, you must not admit it and you must evade the question.

These guys are doing exactly the opposite. They admit in public that they are witches, they threaten to hex, and they try to harm.

This blog never proposed a hex against Obama or Hillary. It's against our faith.

Don't worry. It won't work because they are not real witches... they are Dem provocateurs along with new age loonies that are would-be-witches and will-never-be-witches of course.


  1. I COMPLETELY AGREE! This foolishly stupid act by "posers" goes against one of our biggest creeds as Wiccan and pagans!

    1. It 's what this priest told about a witch-hunt that made me worry and write this post, or else i wouldn't pay any attention to these loonies...