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Sunday, May 07, 2017

A little update ...

Greetings all! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Just a little update for those of you who have been wondering where Dark Elf (aka Perry) has been as he has not posted here for a couple of weeks. He asked me to let all of you know that as of last week he has moved to Athens and is staying with some wonderful friends. For the time being, he is currently using his tablet until he can order a new PC, but he will be back to blogging as soon as he can. I have been keeping in contact with him on a regular basis and I can honestly say that I have never seen him happier!

Dark Elf and friend Morgan out for an enjoyable walk with friends. 

 Big SMILE! :)

(Nice candid shot)

Well, that is about all the news there is for now. Until next time, my friends, Brightest Blessings! 


  1. How wonderful for Dark Elf to be able to live in Athens and stay with his friends! Thank you for letting us know dear Kim!!!
    Wow!!! Athens!!! Now there's a magical place if everything er there was one!!!

    Hugs & Blessings 💕💝💞


    1. Thank you Jan. It is my first step for comming to the States, I think...

  2. An awesome relationship with our black sexy Morgan <3
    Welcome Sir and may you make it safe to the states soon )0( BB

  3. I'm so happy of you Dark Elf! Big Hugs!