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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Poor Leo ...

Poor Leo, he is not well. He has been having trouble urinating. We had him to the vet and the vet ruled out F.U.S. (Feline Urological Syndrome) so is it a kidney problem or perhaps a urinary tract infection?? He kept me up the last two nights and this morning he threw up twice in his cage after eating. And to make matters worse, add to the fact that he does not particularly like me for whatever reason and so it is hard to get near him.

As is usually the case ("Murphy's Law"?) this had to happen over a holiday weekend and so there are no vets open until at least Tuesday! The emergency vets here are far too expensive and usually do not do much for the animal anyhow because they are only supposed to be a "quick fix" until you can get back to your family vet. And all you are left with is a rip-off vet bill for a few hundred dollars and your pet is most likely no better off than they were before you took them. At least, that has been my experience. Personally speaking, I would rather my OWN vet handle any expensive tests and/or procedures. We will try to get him checked out ASAP this week when our vet is open and available. Keeping our fingers crossed he will be okay and that it is nothing very serious. Truthfully, I have had quite ENOUGH sickness and death so far this year to last me a lifetime! 


  1. Poor Leo is right! There is never a good time to be I'll but over a long holiday weekend, it truly sucks!!!
    I know that you have been through enough death and sickness, dearest Kim...but Leo needs your strength, love and care now which you give with all your heart to your fur babies. Why Leo treats your love with aloofness, only he knows his reasons.

    My Hugs and Love to You Dear Kim 💞

  2. I am so sorry! Sending healing prayers to Leo!! Big Hugs Kim!

    1. Thanks Stacy, he is doing much better for now! :)