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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Some Hay Creek Festival treasures ~ 2017

Yesterday was the Hay Creek Festival at Joanna Furnace & Hay Creek Historical Society. I try to attend this event every year because it is so much FUN! It is a non-profit organization and there is no price for admission. However, I always make sure to give a donation to the parking attendant. I would truly hate to see this place go away. They have three major yearly events: The Hay Creek Festival with craft shows featuring all kinds of cool exhibitions, The Hay Creek Apple Festival with great homemade foods and desserts along with a flea market full of holiday crafts and so forth and the third event is "Christmas at Joanna."

Here are just a few of the awesome treasures I found yesterday ...

Large ceramic Pumpkin candy dish with vintage candy bags - $1.00

$5.00 (old cat painting, framed and in great condition)

Holiday tissue box covers - $3.00

$1.00 (with battery operated light to use inside)

Crocheted top holiday hand towels - $3.50
Hanging sound motion door decoration - $2.00


Handmade glass black cat choker -$6.00

They actually cook the soups fresh right where the food stands are in these HUGE black cast iron cauldrons and the sell them by the bowl and by the container ...

Homemade chicken noodle soup and ham and bean soup

I love the fall season because there is so much to see and do at this time of the year and ... this place is one of my favorite places to go!

Brightest Blessings all!


  1. what a haul! luck was with you!
    I don;t know what I like most.
    Oh that soup must be beyond amazing:)

  2. Fantastic Kim! That soup looks so good and I love all the goodies you got! Would love to go here! Big Hugs!