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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saying "So Long" to Niecy!

Well, today is Niecy's last day of visiting with our little family. She has been an absolute joy to have around and we will be a little sad to see her go home, although I know she will be back in her own realm of comfort all the same.

Yesterday, my hubby took a pic of our boy Midnight perched on top of the sofa. Now, you would have to understand Midnight's personality in order to truly appreciate what a wonderful thing this is! Since the first day we have had him, he has been a total "bush dweller" ~ meaning that he would rather view the world from the safety of a lower level on the ground than sit up on a windowsill or something a more confident cat does. And so now, out of what seems to us as nowhere, he has taken a step towards becoming a "tree dweller." This makes us extremely happy and we get the biggest thrill out of it! This morning, he did the exact same thing ...

and then there were two ...

Midnight and Kiki sharing a spot at the front window

Also, I would like to share a post with you all from my other blog, "Witch Cats Blog" which I had published just this morning about the declawing of cats. Please understand that this post is merely based on my personal view from my own experience on this subject and I feel strongly that this issue is a decision that must be decided by the individual cat owner/guardian themselves (and not the law) for the good of their beloved felines. To read, simply click on the Witch Cats Blog link above. Blessings all!!!


  1. Fare thee well, Niecy! and congrats to Midnight for coming "up" in the world!!

  2. Bye, bye, Niecy...nice to have met you :)Kim, Midnight and Kiki are beautiful! How I miss having a cat in my home :( That photo of Midnight looking out the window is stunning with how the light shines on him!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  3. Bye Niecy!!! So happy to have met you! ;o) Good boy Midnight ;o) I am happy he is moving up ;o) Great pictures Kim ;o) Hugs ;o)

  4. So cute - I LOVE the pic of the cats looking out the window, makes me wonder what they are thinking?