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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Big Hugs, Sandy and Stacy!!!

Last weekend, I was surprised to have won not one, but two of my fellow blogger buddies cool giveaways! Sandy Sandy's beautiful artwork arrived in the mail on Thursday, along with a wonderful clear crystal quartz ...

My two amazing Bat pieces which I have framed and are currently adorning my living room wall!
Sandy very nicely framed my "Crow and Friends #2" original watercolor print!
Next, came my awesome aceo from Stacy of MagicLoveCrow which I had the honor of naming. It is called, "Crow's Autumn Day" ...
Sweet Stacy also sent a little surprise along with my painting. A gorgeous, and I mean GORGEOUS wand made of Lapis Lazulli with a Crystal Quartz tip and decorated with a silver pentagram ...
Once again, many thanks to both of you for your wonderful Giveaways and your thoughtfulness! It is much appreciated, my friends! Also, I have everyone's prizes and gifts packed up and all ready to send out on Monday afternoon ...

Have a Blessed Sunday ALL!!! 


  1. Wonderful prizes! We are so blessed to have met these creative, talented and fun friends!!
    Hugs to you too, Kim!

  2. oh...my goodness!!!
    such marvelous winnings!!!
    have a lovely weekend!

  3. Hey Kim ;o) Beautiful treasures you have won my friend ;o) Very cool prints and beautiful quartz! I am so happy you love the painting and the wand ;o) I know you will treasure everything! Your house must be getting full! LOL! Big Hugs ;o)

  4. The wand and painting by Stacy are beautiful, Kim! I am so glad you liked my prizes too. FYI - The small framed piece is not a print. "Crow and Friends #2" is an original watercolor painting. There seems to be a lot of confusion between prints and originals here in the blogosphere. (An original is the actual painting while a print is a reproduction of a painting.) My bat prints are lithographs - four color printing process- signed and numbered/ ltd. ed.) Again, glad you are enjoying your winnings! Hugs, Sandy

    1. My apologies Sandy! Believe it or not when I said the word print I actually did mean painting. It just did not come out that way. LOL!



    2. No apologies needed, Kim. No offense was taken, my dear. I'm just clearing up a few facts. Some people don't understand the difference. Have a good cold and rainy day. (It's a great opportunity to snuggle with a cat. :-D)

  5. My Dear Sweet Friend, I am so sorry that I didn't get my blog deleted before you were so wonderful to follow it. I just can't have a blog anymore...I want to, but it is impossible as I have found out. I will drop by here and comment from time-to-time.

    Great Big Hugs My Dear Friend~~~

    1. Follow-up on my comment above dear friend. I have learned how to block the person that has kept ruining it for me to blog so many times. The new "blogger" still has me running around in circles :) I am going to start a "new" blog today and I will be who I am because there isn't anything wrong with that! It is a shame that you can be "stalked" while blogging with friends and try to be who you are instead of who someone else wants you to be...a stranger I might add! Anyway look for my new blog today if you like :)

      Hugs and Blessings,