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Friday, May 22, 2015

Fun Friday ~ More Scrapbooks ...

Happy Friday everyone! With the Memorial Day holiday weekend upon us already, hubby and I are looking forward to spending some quality time with family and friends. And, it is always nice to have a long, three-day weekend as well!

Last night, I had a chance to work on a couple of more scrapbook albums which I had begun about a year ago. The first one was a special photo collection that I had put together of my favorite photos of hubby and I throughout the years. The pic I used on the front cover of the album was a photo that I had taken of my very first rose my hubby had ever given to me. Yes, that's right my friends, I still have that just as I have a habit of keeping everything that has important meaning to me ~ including old birthday and anniversary cards and items of the like ... ;)

I used the all of the cards I had gotten from him with flowers and cards and gifts which I had given to him as well, concert tickets and shows which we both attended, and so forth. I also used additional little charms to decorate along with the red ribbon ...

I also finished up a couple of vacation albums from a few years ago with family such from our trips to Canada and Bermuda ...

I had found some really great theme stickers, among other cool decorations, at our local Michael's Arts & Crafts Store. I really love their selections for serious scrapbooking!
I would like to wish all a very peaceful and blessed Memorial Day. And also, on a more personal note, I would like to add that my beloved father served in the Army during the Korean War and at his funeral my mother was given an American flag in honor of his service and the fact that he was a veteran. My mother has decided to give his flag to me to hold on to. Proudly, I now keep it in his honor as, throughout my entire life, I have always thought of him as my dad and my hero ... and, to me, always will be!
Memorial Day: Honoring the Sacrifices Made and Remembering Those Left Behind


  1. What a lovely and inspiring post this is, Kim.
    Your scrapbooks are wonderful and what memories they hold...lovely!
    I have my grandfather's flag and my one sister has our father's flag. My hubby has his father's flag. We display them in our library in their protective frames that you can buy for flags folded after their burial service.
    Have a wonderful day my dear friend~

    Love & Hugs

  2. This is simply lovely my friend.... You're doing such a great job with the scrapbooking. One day I'll get to start mine... but I don't know when this day is going to arrive... not enough time in a day. :)