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Monday, June 22, 2015

Yeah, that's right...

Every blogger knows the kind. And, by "kind" I am speaking about the ignorant people who comment on your blog posts as "anonymous" merely because they wish to rudely leave a message insulting you whilst not actually having the guts to give you their name. Cowards … that’s what I call them. Just like those neighborhood bullies who like to pick on people by throwing stones at them, then after taking their shot, they run away like the little trolls that they are. Now, I am not talking about those anonymous folks who leave kind, thoughtful, even helpful comments on your posts, just the ignorant ones. You know, ignorant as in:

Adjective = lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned; lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact; uninformed; unaware.
Yep, apparently these people weren’t raised with enough class, or at least the common sense, to know that "if you don’t have anything good to say, it is best not to say anything at all!" In other words, if you have nothing positive to contribute to the post conversation then shut up and do not waste my time any further. My time is valuable and not to be wasted on moronic beings such as this. If you don’t like what you read, you don’t like what you see, then G-O A-W-A-Y … period.

Therefore, I have finally decided to restrict them from commenting on my blog posts using the moderation option on my Blogger settings. End of parasite … end of rude, irritatingly obnoxious people on my blog.

Oh yes, and one more thing to the "anonymous" individual who left the last extremely rude and offensive comment on this blog which I have rejected regarding my handmade wreaths: "I’m so sorry. Did I give you the impression that I actually gave a crap about what YOU thought? Furthermore, the Lord and Lady did not put me on this Earth for the express purpose of gaining the approval of persons like yourself. Have a nice day!"



  1. (Jan's comment on this post):

    My dearest, Kim...I just wanted you to know that I have been reading your postings on The Wiccan Life but I am unable to comment there. I am sorry that someone as sweet and kind as you have had to be intimidated in any way on your blog(s).

    Please know that I appreciate you and your teachings. I do hope that all will improve with time.

    Your Friend Always
    and With Love

    1. Thank you with all of my heart, dear Jan. I will go back into my dashboard on my Wiccan Life blog and try to resolve the issue with your not being able to comment. I am not very good with computers and so it was most likely something that I have messed up.

      Huge Hugs.


  2. Kim, I am so sorry!!! I don't understand people? I really don't! But, as I have learned, it is there Karma, not yours! So let it bounce off of you. They will have to deal with what they have put out! Love you and your gorgeous wreaths!