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Saturday, June 06, 2015


Well, once again it is the WWII Weekend event held at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, PA! Hubby goes every year, but I am sitting this one out this time. I have far too much backlog of work to do and besides that, I am not feeling much like hanging around the crowds and traffic in our area which we always have to deal with during this rather large historical event.

Please do not misunderstand me my friends, I feel it is very important to remember the sacrifices that these many brave and honorable men and women made in order to ensure our freedoms which we still do enjoy today! And, without turning this post into a ridiculous debate of sorts by those out there who are a tad misinformed and feel that this type of thing is an actual "celebration" to commemorate wars in general, I will only say further that the WWII Weekend event (and others of the like) held here annually is not meant to be a celebration in which war is considered to be by definition a "good" thing. BUT, I feel that it is important to educate future generations regarding our past as well as preserve the memory of those who bravely served our Country with honor. No more, no less.

"Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
- Winston Churchill

Me 'n' hubby ~ 2014
I had actually attended last year with my hubby and we even walked (it is only a few blocks away from where we live near the Reading Airport) back over to watch the entire evening show. The show consists of a re-enactment of "President Roosevelt" delivering the stirring "Day of Infamy" declaration of war speech at the evening hangar dance using the authentic radio broadcast heard around the United States after arriving in his motorcade, Big Band music, "Abbott & Costello" show, and features the "Manhattan Dolls." 
"Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy " ~ The Manhattan Dolls

WWII Weekend ~ Mid-Atlantic Air Museum

(Photo credit: Brett Witycyak/Cyddhartha)
(Photo credit: Brett Witycyak/Cyddhartha)
So, whilst I am doing my weekly house cleaning, I will pop my head out of the front door once or twice to check out the many vast and interesting war planes flying ever so closely over the roof of our house. Seriously, they get so close that you could literally SEE the bottom part of the airplanes! LOL!


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  1. Kim, that's such a lovely picture of you and your hubby, you both look so good standing together!!!