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Friday, February 24, 2017

The future of Paganism

According to a study by Dr. Kristin Aune, women in England are abandoning the christian church for Wicca with a rate of 50 thousand per year since 1990. The study had been done in 2010 and over 1 million women have abandoned the church for Wicca. The rate for men according to the same study is half the rate of women... i.e. it's 75 thousand persons per year.

Population of England is about 65 millions, so the 75 thousands per year gives a rate of 0.15 % per year. Not very great but it 's a good starting point.

If we are to survive, we must exploit the minority rights that are declared by the UN and adopted by the USA and the EU. Many of us believe that the simple religious neutrality law is sufficient to protect us. However many legal issues still exist, because legislation is made by christians and embeds their morality in it. So we need minority towns with schools that teach our religion and history that is not taught in christian supposedly religious neutral schools and with our local laws that reflect our morality. We also need them as centers to base our activities and for economical development.

This is entirely different than muslim shariah law, because we don't lock women up or behead people. We are much more liberal than christians are and we don't oppress anyone. We do not rape or force anybody to convert to us, we don't blow up people or buildings using suicide terrorists and we don't disturb by any way people that have no interest in us or business with us. Neopagans can brag that no war or violent incident can be attributed to them since Leland issued the "Gospel of Witches" back in the end of 19th century.

So if we have these minority towns where someone can live by pagan standards undisturbed, then the rate will definitely increase because now PEOPLE FEAR to officially declare their pagan beliefs for many reasons - because they live among christians and this will inflict consequences in job, family relations etc. Christians consider paganism  evil and  Satan's deceit to bring people to hell. They will never accept a pagan living among them. They may not say that because we have a democratic state based on the principles of Illumination but what they will do is a different story than what they say.

Minority towns are our mid-term future. Once we achieve that we shall have the financial power to support our people. People will stop fearing to officially become a Pagan and the increase rates will be greatly raised up. The towns will offer jobs in biological cultivation's, healthy food, health products, natural medicine and education and can economically develop.

It is my belief that Wicca and Earth worship will remain a religion for the "few wise" and most people will turn to polytheist worships - there will be a syncretic mix of all ancient gods together under the name of "Paganism" - Christianity being exposed for its vile past and lies will end up an unimportant minority cult waiting for the "End of the World" and Islam will be outlawed as a terrorist cult. Judaism will survive but will become a national minority religion only for the nation of Jews.

This polytheistic "Paganism" will become the outer circle with an inner circle being an occult initiatory religion-inside-a-religion based on Wicca and Earth Worship as two distinct paths inside it focusing in esoterism, witchcraft and "magic" work. This inner circle will provide the clerics, philosophers and leaders of the whole movement of Paganism.

Wicca is a transitional step from the abrahamic monotheism to the previous polytheist state that abrahamic barbarism has violently changed to a tyrannical monotheism. It teaches that there is also a Goddess in Heaven and not only a male God. It was the first and most important step to recover what was lost.

P.S. I hope this is a satisfying answer to my new friend Dora. :)


  1. I fear to much "organizing". While well meaning at the start you eventually end up with a soul sucking bureaucracy that sucks the light and truth and magic! out of what started as Pure and unadulterated and magical. Do we form a corporation? Issue membership cards, pay dues? Or do we stay with drum circles and fires in the night and live in obscurity while mixing our potions, casting our spells and working our magic. Besides, when you start "clubs" and "organizations" there always have to be bylaws, and a board of directors who are corrupted by the power of their position eventually. Just something to consider and think about. Not trying to be argumentative.

  2. Well written...I belong to small pagan group in our town. We're not hidden but we sure can't announce a present. The fear of loosing one job. But I have no desire to knock on ones door either.
    Total believe in free will of choice of ones faith...Many good paths out there but we choice our action in this world.
    Coffee is on

  3. Dear Rat, you are right about the danger of "too much organization" but i believe there is more danger in no organization. Covens are already organized in churches some have member cards and certificates for the wall... They don't exploit people the way you describe. Wiccan tradition states that no money should be taken for any kind of magical work. If this is kept - organisation or not - there is no chance for exploitation. If this is not kept - organisation or not - even one person alone can exploit people like a witch i knew that charged for performing marriages and house blessings...

    No organisation will make us prey for fanatics or the Church that always wants back what it lost... Poor people will be forced to convert to christianity to get help from their charities... We need to do the same for our people, and we need money to be able to do that. No, we must not use the easy way of charging people for religious services. These must remain free according to the tradition. We need commercial sector that provides earnings. The bureaucracy will be strictly for the administration and the financial management and not for the worship and magical work. Nobody will disturb the people about money or bureaucracy.

    Indeed in some case organised communities may help Pagan brothers and sisters in need. I know of cases that women were saved from prostitution in the streets and hosted in Pagan temples and helped to start a new life. These are very few cases of course, but if we organise ourselves, no Pagan brother or sister will be alone without a helping hand...

    Dear Dora, thank you for your good words. If we organise none will fear anymore. Actually we 'll be able to offer jobs instead of being cause for loosing a job. As for door knocking, we don't do that. It 's against our tradition that demands secrecy...

    1. My dear friend, there are other kinds of exploitation besides financial. Large egos emerge and need feed. Where you find leaders there must be followers. I could be biased since I am not much of a joiner! You do make a good point about Pagan charity! I hadn't considered how that would be helpful. I think expecting mainstream respect and equal standing with other religious traditions will never happen. Once paganism makes a big enough dent in traditional membership rolls there will be another hunt and another burning.