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Sunday, June 04, 2017

A Disgrace.

Though I have not yet the equipment for convenient authoring and blogging, I heard some news from a friend that made me quite angry and I will break my silence one or two weeks before I can have my new PC.

I get too much liberal nonsense from the media and I thought I've seen everything but this "takes the cake"...

As abominable as it may seem, there is some kind of campaign against the army veterans, people that got disabled - no matter how - and retired in honor from their service. They mostly try to defame them that they supposedly fake their disability. But they don't stop at that. They also try to present them as "killers for the bad state" and that "they got what they deserve" and gangs of those "antifa" extremists even bullied veterans! Yes, they reached that point of audacity? madness?

People like that do not deserve the status of citizen. They should lose their identity and passport and be given a green card. They should be demoted to residents and not be allowed to vote.

My dad was an army general and I have the honor of staying with an army veteran until my papers are ready and can come to the States. This guy got a shell in the head and he is half blind - one eye doesn't  work - and I can't believe that there are people back in the States believing that "he got what he deserves"! It's a disgrace! That's why I got so angry. It's not about politics. It's about civilization itself.


  1. Quite correct. As I have often said of many of my fellow Americans, there are SOME I am Not so proud of!

    Good post, Dark Elf and thank you!

    1. As you already know, my father served as well in the Army. It is called having HONOR! :)

  2. I would hate to think what this world would be like if we didn't have brave people to fight for peace and our rights! To keep us free as a nation so that these same people who say such hateful things are allowed to say them!
    My husband and father and uncles and cousins and friends are vets. They do not deserve this hatred for serving their country. This world is straining at the seams with avarice, hatred and violence.
    We, the older generations, are the stewardship for our countries, our younger generations, our world. Not my world. Not your world. But OUR WORLD and there is only one of these...the one we live on~

    Great post Dark Elf~

    1. Very wise words and VERY well said! Thank you, Jan

      Love and hugs <3

  3. I don't understand some people!! It's so sad!