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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Finally, I am back.

 As you may already know, I fled my family house with a few clothes and a very old netbook that was not suitable for browsing anymore. Since then I have been living with some pagan friends of mine until I am able to come to the States.

This literally deconstructed country under a corrupt administration does its best to make hell of my life. First check was the capital controls. I couldn't use my own money. Yes, you are reading correct. No, it 's not China, Vietnam or N. Korea. It 's an EU member, supposedly "part of the West". Yes, those misunderstood GOPs are right stating that EU is no longer West. I will add that it is actually Nazi Germany reloaded... Second check is the paperwork. No, they don't use mail, fax or internet, these are Satan's things... Yes, you guessed right, I have to go myself to 2 cities - Athens and Patras - and gather all these documents... Neither Athens nor Hague seal documents that YOU got from fax or web... I am really lucky to go so far... I hope that my luck lasts until I leave. I do worry that I will need even a lawyer...

You know already from Lady Caer Morganna about the happy moments I have with my pagan friends here. Despite these obstacles, the time finally came, and I have my brand new DELL PC along with an HP multifunction, set up, tested and fully operational. We've also got a VDSL connection. It will be my base of operations until I leave. Now starts the run for the paperwork. I will be relieved when I have all five documents translated in English with both seals in my hands. Then the case leaves from my hands and goes to America...

So I bid all my witch-friends send positive energy and cast a good luck spell for me. It is NOW of my whole lifetime that I need it the most...


  1. Sending positive energy your way!!! Wishing you all the best!!