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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lesson learned ...

I usually do not write posts such as this; however, if someone is going to trash talk me to the whole world on their blog and accuse me of things I did not do simply because I did not allow them (or anyone) to get insulting or resort to name-calling on our blog, then I feel I have the right to defend myself.

If you remember not too long ago, this particular blogger wrote a very nice post on his blog titled, "Lady Caer is a good friend." This same person recently dropped me as a friend on my blog because I would not allow one of his nasty comments on my blog post which, ironically, I had specifically stated in my post that I did not want debates between followers because that usually (especially with this person's attitude from past experience) only incites insults and arguments. And so, lo and behold, I find this paragraph in his latest blog post to one of his occasional rants:

"...The witch "Lady Caer" protects her skinny little Greek bitch from anyone who dares to disagree with him. I can't tolerate two faced hypocrites or fair weather friends. Just as well, her brand of "pagan" nonsense was beginning to annoy the hell out of me anyway!"

Just for the record, I never defended anyone, I did not even reply to his comments! The funny thing is, a little while back I received a comment in my blog moderation page on the dashboard from a man who used to be one this person's followers. He kindly warned me about this person and the long and short of it is that this former blog follower said that one day, this person would "turn" on me. Well, I suppose I should have listened to him but instead I ignored his words.

Perhaps it is simply because I trust people too easily sometimes and want to believe the best in them, at least until they prove themselves otherwise. However, I often forget that SOME people can not be helped.

Oh well,  welcome to social network, eh? nuff said ...

Have a blessed week all!


  1. "Your skiny little Greek bitch" wonders if this guy remembers what was the comment we cut. It was an irony. So we just didn't want our blog to become a troll arena that scares normal people away. If this is bad then we are bad.

    But we 've never been hypocrites and fair weather friends, we got mostly BAD weather from him. The "pagan nonsense" is really an offense against religious views that never harmed anybody...

    Lesson is learned indeed...

  2. Not many bridge needs to be burn but there are those rare times in our life they need to be burn...Coffee is on

    1. Very wise words Miss Dora. Thank you for stopping by and good to hear from you!

  3. Surprised at Mohave's vitriolic post that sent me here. Have been perusing your excellent blog and decided to seek asylum among your GFC followers. As for my poems, I'll keep writing them --it's what I do. Best wishes, Geo.

    1. Many thanks Geo, and you are always welcome to "seek asylum" here at anytime, my friend!

      Best wishes to you as well!

  4. Dearest Kim and Dark Elf, I am so sorry that this happened to you both. These blogs are our own creations and we have the right to post that which is important to us. I know of whom you are speaking. He is opinionated and has that right. Why he chooses to attack those who follow him only he has the answers. My last blogs have gone by the wayside because I was so nervous about stepping on someones toes.
    My new blog is pure me...whoever this might be:) I am respectful to those blogs that I visit when I comment. If they post something I do not agree with or do not wish to comment on, I leave quietly without stirring the pot.
    You and I have been friends for years and you are a very sweet and loving person. I do not know Dark Elf very well...yet, but he has done nothing offensive that I am aware of.
    BTW...he dropped me, too. I was sorry for it because I hadn't done anything to him that I was aware of~

    Hugs and Blessings xoxoxo

    1. Dearest Jan, thank you so much and you are quite right about how "blogland" can be. We have indeed been friends for many years as you have said and I believe we shall be for many more, my friend. BTW, I can not imagine that you could ever offend anyone. You are ALWAYS so very kind and respectful of others.

      I just stopped by your new blog. Beautiful as always! I look forward to visiting often!!


    2. Thank you dear Kim. May I say the same for you my friend~
      Hugs and Love

  5. I stopped following this person a long time ago! "Remember, the way people treat you, has everything to do about them, not you!" You have a good soul! Keep being you! Big Hugs!

    1. Thanks, Stacy ... right back atcha sweetie!

      Love and hugs!