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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Creating Sacred Space

We all know the importance of creating a sacred space when practicing Wicca. Not only does it help us to stay grounded when meditating or performing our magickal workings, but it can also aid us in maintaining our sanity after a long, hard, stress-filled day of work! Let's face it, we all need to have our own "personal" space - our own little corner of the universe where we can go to in order to relax and keep a well-needed sense of balance.

Personally speaking, I find that retreating to my sacred space makes me feel whole again after an especially hard day of dealing with lifes' stressful demands. It refreshes my mind and spirit. I simply dim the lights in my reiki room, light my altar candles, sit in front of my altar and meditate for a while - allowing all of the negative aspects of the last few hours of my day to gradually flow out through my body. When I am finished meditating, I say a little blessing in honor of the Goddess and God - thanking them for their love and guidance.

Sister Support - sitting and meditating with my friend WillowBree (1999)

Although it can sometimes be difficult for us to set aside a bit of time out of our everyday busy lives, it is important that we find enough time to "recharge our emotional batteries" as it is absolutely essential to our mental and physical well-being. For me, it makes all of the difference in the world!


  1. Hey, I recognize that title and that picture, lol! I LOVE that altar int he top photo.

    You are right, you need a space (even if it is a small one) that is just YOUR space. We women tend to forget to take care of ourselves sometimes!

  2. What can I say, your post reminded me of just how important having a sacred space really is. I like that altar, too!(and the photo) :-)