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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Respecting The Three-fold Law

I find that when teaching students, the one question which naturally seems to arise is, “Is it okay to use magick to protect myself?” The answer to this question is yes! We may indeed use magick to protect ourselves from the physical or psychological harm of another; however, we have to be extremely careful as to make sure that we are carrying out the spell properly. Protection spells, most especially banishings, must be thought through very carefully! For example, we must be absolutely positive that we are banishing the negative energy resulting from a persons’ actions – NOT the person them self! Our intent always plays a huge factor in any type of magickal working and spells for protection are no exception. Should you decide to write your own protection spell, you will need to choose your words wisely. I can not stress this enough!

The Three-Fold Law teaches us that whatever we send out into the universe, be it “good” or “bad” energy,” will come back to us three-fold. While this fact is undeniably true, The Three-fold Law further states, “Lest in thy self defense it be, ever mind the Rule of Three!” In other words, even in situations where we feel the need to protect ourselves, we must continue to abide by the Law of Three. Those who choose to ignore this, run the risk of suffering the very serious consequences of their actions. It is absolutely imperative that we respect this “universal law” as it is not to be taken lightly and certainly nothing to fool with. I have seen these kinds of spells go terribly awry when not thought through carefully enough! 

As it is with everything in nature, there is a “delicate balance” between banishing the negative energy directed toward us and drawing the positive aspect of a new beginning into our lives. When performed correctly, these types of spells can be highly effective and, even more importantly, will not manifest themselves in a negative way. Personally, I have found that using one white votive candle (to represent pureness of spirit) and one black votive candle (for banishing negative energy) works extremely well! 

The fact still remains; however, that nothing is ever 100% full-proof and protection spells should only be used when absolutely necessary. Perhaps it would be helpful for us to remember that old adage, “What goes around, comes around!”

Blessed be

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