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Saturday, June 25, 2011

On a Midsummer Day

2011 Midsummer ritual pics ...

Today, our solitary group celebrated our Midsummer ritual and celebration. It was a beautiful day for ritual, food and fun!

Draco lighting The Triple God candles
Lady Caer Morganna lighting The Triple Goddess candles
Aurora Skye & Rhiannon giving back to the Earth

   Our Video Cameraman & fellow group member, Rich

"The Gang"

We also celebrated my sister Robin and her husband's Wedding Anniversary weekend with a card and a gift!

Gifts for Midsummer raffle ~ 3 books, framed "Happiness" hanging pic, tall Midsummer candle, Yankee candle "Midnight Oasis" and 4 handmade votive candles by Willow Chestnut of Mystic Grove Candles & Gifts

We had such an awesome time and that is a huge part of what makes celebrating the sabbats together so much more special!


  1. Looks like you a great time!!

  2. We really did! I so wish you could have joined us!!

  3. I started to put all my pictures and video together from yesterday for the movie, it looks good so far :)