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Friday, June 17, 2011

Some New Reading Material

Yesterday, Robin and I took a little trip to Barnes & Noble Bookstore for one of our occasional book and magazine sprees. Like many of the other places we shop at, Barnes & Noble is quite convenient since it is only a "hop, skip and a jump" from where we work and we so enjoy going shopping on our hour lunch.

Among my finds, were a couple of bargain books and  some interesting magazines.  I really love mythology and reading about magickal creatures, so I bought this book titled, "The Element Encyclopedia of  Magical Creatures" written by John & Caitlin Matthews ...

and, of course, yet another book to add to my already huge collection about the history of witchcraft called, "Witches of the World" written by Diane Canwell and Jonathan Sutherland.

I found a new magazine called, "Reiki News Magazine"  and is great reading material for Reiki Practitioners or anyone interested in learning all about  the importance of reiki and how it is actually used in modern medicine.

 I also picked up the newest edition of "Circle" magazine which is of course The Circle Sanctuary's quarterly magazine about spirituality and Wicca and Paganism. The Sanctuary is run by Selena Fox. I truly love their articles on all of the various Pagan traditions, beautiful poetry, and reading all about Circle Sanctuary's latest events.

Looks like this will be a great weekend for relaxing in the Altar Room and doing some long-awaited reading! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  1. Great purchases, Kim. I will have to run and get the new Circle magazine. Let us know how those two books are, especially the magical encyclopedia.