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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Our Handfasting Ten-Year

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of our wedding ceremony. I met my husband back in the summer of 1994. Although we lived together for 7 years before, we didn't actually "tie the knot" until September of 2001 in a legal Handfasting ceremony with a Renaissance theme which also happened to fall on Mabon/The Autumn Equinox.

We had a beautiful ritual and reception set in the back yard of our home complete with homemade decorations, three bridesmaidens, three groomsmen, ritual programs, U.L.C. Minister, friends, family, and one gorgeous Saturday!

Our Officiant was my very dear friend and fellow U.L.C. Minister Rev. Frances Moise/H.P.S. Lady Sabrina Rhiannon. Our ceremony had all of the usual elements of a Pagan Handfasting - first drink as husband and wife, first food (my mother-in-law baked the loaf of bread which we used),  symbolicThe Great Rite (ritual charging of the ceremonial wine), the pledge - along with the traditional parts such as our own vows, the exchange of rings and lighting of the Unity candle. My husband made lovely Handfasting programs as all of our family members were Christian (many of whom did not understand exactly what they were witnessing). Not only that, he also handmade our wedding arch which he decorated himself. We wanted everything to have our own personal touch.

Then ...

and now ...
Since we are planning a trip to Ontario, Canada with my in-laws in July, we are thinking about having an early celebration at that time. Last year was my mother and father-in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary and we celebrated with them four months earlier in Hamilton, Bermuda.

I can't believe that it has been 10 years already. Wow! Time sure does fly!


Our basket of scrolls with a Handfasting Blessing and our program


  1. Glorious photos of your beautiful handfasting, how lovely you looked and your husband so dashing! What memories. Thank you for sharing such a special time. Happy Anniversary!!! Love you! Robin.

  2. Robin ~ Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments and the well wishes!!

    Love, Kim