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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Few Additions to the Reiki Room

Over the past couple of days, I have been re-organizing my Reiki Room and I decided to pick up a few things to give it an even more comfortable, relaxing atmostphere.

Among the things I added were some figurines for my altar and a couple of new books (what can I say, I am a "book-a-holic")!

"Angel of Healing" (Willow Tree)

"Good Health" (Willow Tree)
"Love of Learning" (Willow Tree)

My Reiki Master, Fran, recommended the following books by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D which are very educational and should prove to be handy reference books for my Reiki practice in the future.

"The Angel Therapy Handbook"

"The Archangels & Ascended Masters"

Also, it would appear that I have finally won over my biggest critic ~ my husband! Although he is and has always been Agnostic, logical and open-minded (when it comes to most things), he has still always been rather skeptical when it comes to Reiki as an effective healing technique.

He developed an extremely painful "charlie horse" the other day. After limping around and complaining all day about how much his leg muscle hurt him, I eventually managed to convince him to let me try Reiki.

A few minutes after his Reiki session, he said to me, "That really loosened it up!" By the next morning, he told me his leg felt great and he would definately consider Reiki as a viable method of treatment from now on.  ;)


  1. I love Willow Tree, so many meaningful and lovely figures. Now I do not know anything about angels and archangels, they have never been part of my path. I would be interested in anything you would care to pass along. Glad your hubby's come over to the light!!!

  2. I just accidentally deleted your comment on the blog! I was so happy to hear your hubby let you do reiki on him! You go girl!

    I am reading a book right now called Living Buddha, Living Christ. Very informative!

  3. April ~ Thank you for your thoughtful comment! Your book sounds very interesting indeed. I may have to check it out myself! ;)

    Robin ~ The Angels were never a part of my path either until I took my Reiki Level I classes. I was taught to use the aid of the Angels while practicing Reiki. Once I made the connection between Reiki and the Devine, I realized that in the scheme of things, the Devine is all the same in the end ~ regardless of what religion or faith we may choose to call ourselves. I choose to incorporate the Angels ALONG WITH the Goddess and God in my Reiki practice and I thank ALL of them after I am finished. It works great for me!! ;)

  4. oooh I had to go search Willow Tree - beautiful!

  5. Glad to hear your husband tried and liked Reiki. It works no matter what ... whether you believe or who you are giving Reiki to believes. I look at it like I'm like a pipe ... the energy uses me to give the divine energy. My teachers were very practical and I was attuned for level 2 and 3 with them, but not as a teacher for level three. The classes were short and sweet and they held reiki shares every month. That was so nice, tons of practictioners (lots of level 3's) giving out reiki to all. In Florida we cannot practice reiki without a massage therapist license .... what a shame and negative energy for them ... it's just about the money. But, I believe that everybody should be attuned, like my teachers feel. They hand out small manuals with the symbols so if we forget we can just follow the directions and symbols that they gave us. And, they make it very affordable. In fact, they used to attune for free but it turned out that those who didn't contribute at all didn't practice Reiki ... so they just charge a small amount and that seems to work out better. Anyway, sorry to go on so.... Bright Blessings,
    And Pass On Good Intentions To All !