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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reiki and Auras

Anyone who has ever had a reiki attunement will tell you that it is a deeply personal and moving experience. One which you will not soon forget. I, myself, began to get into reiki when my brother-in-law asked me to take classes with him back in 2001. I agreed, not really understanding "what" reiki actually was? We took a 2-day, 8 hour class and learned the basics and "how" to use the laying on of hands technique. As my Reiki Master, Fran, likes to say. "Reiki Level I class is like someone switching on a light inside of you" (I like that!).

In my up-coming Reiki Level II class next weekend, we will learn an extension of the Reiki I ~ distance healing, for example, and healing through photographs, etc.

I also love having my aura read from time to time. The first time I had it read was in 2001. My friends and I attended a local Holistic Faire where you could have your tarot read, purchase beautiful gemstones and minerals, essentenal oils, various incense, New-Age and Pagan books, and, of course, aura readings. The Aura Reader takes your picture and then sits down with you to go over your reading. The first time I had mine read was just before I became a reiki practitioner, the picture came out green and yellow. In short, it meant that I was very balanced and focused in  my life at the time.

About a year later, I had my reading done again after I became reiki and the photo came out bright yellow and orange. The Aura Reader looked at my pic, turned to me and said, "You're reiki, aren't you?" She said that my energy was definately reiki and that all reiki practitioners have bright yellow and orange aura colors.

Then, in March of this year (2011), I had yet another reading done by the same reader I had the first time. This time, the photo came out an even brighter yellow and orange. In fact, you could barely see my face! It was obvious to me that my reiki energy had only become stronger throughout the years.

Now I am finally ready for the next step in my Reiki training, my Reiki Level II. I will be joining my friends from Lady Sabrina Rhiannon's coven which makes it even more special for me. I can't wait!!!!


  1. I have been Reiki Level I since 1999. I had always meant to continue with Level II, but haven't...I know not why. I think the time is coming for me to do just that. Blessings to you as you take the next step. I understand the Level II class can be an intense personal experience. I will be interested to know how it is for you.

  2. "Reiki Level I class is like someone switching on a light inside of you"
    Oh yea - I am soo pumped! It was such an experience. I was apprehensive if I could "do" Reiki - but once I began I was so surprised.
    Your first Aura reading looks like my one, Your second was is like my dd's they made such a fuss over her photo showing it to everyone - they wanted her to learn Reiki - but she wasn't & isn't ready. Will get mine done again next time I see Dean.

    With love Leanne

  3. Greetings. I love Reiki and am attuned to the Master Symbol ... my teachers broke this up for people like me who really are not interested in teaching ... just healing Reiki energy. I found you aura photos so interest and inspiring. Love and Light and All Those Good Intentions!

  4. Lady Caer, please help me out or anyone reply to this post. The middle, second photo that you posted looks exactly like me and exactly like the aura photo I had taken of me a few years ago in wpb fl. The polaroid has faded with time but it was bright red with 7 gold circles above my head and next to me was the shape of another being in bright gold. Either you somehow got ahold of my photo and posted it as you or this is extremely strange. Please reply.

    1. Sara, I assure you that ALL of these pics are of ME! The pic in which you are referring to was taken at a holistic faire in Reading, PA where I live in 2002 by "Aura Photography by Lucy " (Lucy M. Jachera interpreted all of my readings as well).

      As a matter of fact, my husband and sister-in-law were standing around in line watching me get this pic taken!

      Again, I did not post anyone else's photo but my own! They are mine!

    2. Lady Caer I apologize. I enlarged the photo to the biggest it would go and then I saw that the eyes were not mine. What do you think it means that we have extremely similar aura photos. When I had the photo taken mine was the only one like that and the photographer asked me all kinds of strange questions. She said that I would be called upon in the future to help many people. It was not pleasant like everyone else's. It was very disturbing. Again, I am sorry, I showed that picture, your picture, to my family and they said it was me and your other photos do not look like me. I have most black eyes and dark hair.

    3. Sara, thank you for your apology, not a problem. Not sure exactly what it means that our pics would be so simular? Are you perphaps a reiki practitioner or thinking about it? I was told that bright orange and yellow auras such as ours are extremely typical of reiki practitioners. You know, "helping" many people?

      Brightest Blessings to you,

      (Lady Caer)

  5. I really have to shut myself off from that kind of thing it is very emotionally exhausting but thank you for your insight.

    1. Sara, you are very welcome, and you are very correct! Reiki is indeed draining of both your energy and your emotions. But, in my case, I, like a lot of my reiki peers/friends felt drawn to it and so that is one reason we do what we do. :)