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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Making It Better

We spent the better half of this morning moving our leather sofa chair (lounge chair) into my parents living room. Since my father was diagnosed with chronic arthritis throughout his entire body, he has had a very difficult time sleeping due to the pain. He can no longer control his pain with medication. We are hoping that this chair will help him somewhat with this.

I have also asked him if he minded me performing reiki treatments on him on a regular basis to help alleviate some of the pain he is experiencing. In reiki, you MUST have permission from the client to touch them as it is an exchange of energies between you and them.  He has never tried having reiki before but thankfully, he is more than willing to allow me to do this. I will start by giving him reiki sessions on a weekly basis and then see how often he needs them thereafter. He is already loving the chair (and as you can see, so is the dog)!!


  1. That's great your dad was open to Reiki. DD is having a lot of success with her Reiki treatments - but its a bit hard on pocket at $60.00 per session. Her pain meds aren't working too - it's awful seeing ones you love in soo much pain.
    Hope the chair helps your dad

  2. Leanne ~ I totally understand what you mean about the cost, it can get quite expensive when Reiki Practitioners charge THAT much! I, myself, do not charge for the first session and only $10.00/hour(if at all depending). I, personally, do not look upon reiki as a profit thing or "extra" income of any sort. That is just my feeling on the matter! ;)

    Love, Kim