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Monday, November 07, 2011

A "Black Friday" Tradition

It seems as though I, like my cats, am also somewhat a creature of habit. You see, every year I make it a tradition to do my Yule decorating on Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving). The main reason for this has more to do with time management than anything else, although I must admit that I do not exactly enjoy shopping in huge crowds of rude people just to get my hands on a few good sales deals.

I really like to decorate on a day when, not only do I NOT have to work, but I can relax and get my usual Friday night cleaning done as well.  And, of course, my kitties are always more than happy to help me put the Yule tree up and hang all of those little dangling things!


  1. Hard to believe it is time to start planning Yule celebrations. I think it's wonderful to have a yearly tradition like your after-T-giving decorating. And the more sparkly and dangly and shiny the better for the kitties!

  2. How long till all the dangly bits are on the floor again? Last year our cats had "their" first christmas tree, and we had to pluck them out of it over and over again. At one point the BF suggested adding wings and decorating the tree with "angel cats". ^^

  3. Cats and Yule trees are a combination made for funny stories and irritating mishappening. Then again cats bring that with them just about everywhere they go.

  4. Greetings and happiness to all. We also decorate the day after Thanksgiving and even on Thanksgiving since our family is just the two of us, my daughter and I ... it used to be much bigger ... but quite of few of us have passed on to Summerland, so we make the best of it. I'm not used to it yet, and still miss the big family gatherings ... but I try to enjoy what I have and keep up those positive vibes ...

  5. Robin ~ I agree, this year has really flown by so fast! (yes, the cats DEFINATELY love the shinny things, luckily, I have no breakables!) LOL

    Diandra ~ Ah, yes The oranments never stay on the tree for more than a half an hour or so before the kitties decide to "re-arrange" the living room!

    Witchy ~ Agreed. Living with cats is NEVER boring~~ LOL!!

    ArtSings ~ I understand what you mean by having a smaller family throughout the years. Ours is considerably very small compared to how it used to be, but you are right to make the best of things and appreciate what you still have in this life. So should we all, my sister!

    Hugs to all,


  6. We usually wait until the first weekend in December. This year though we will probably be at Duke that weekend, so we may do it a little early.