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Friday, November 18, 2011

Strange morning ...

This morning wasn't exactly my typical routine of usual events. It started around 5:30AM when I heard my hubby in the bathroom getting ready for work. Suddenly, I heard a "crash" which was loud enough to hear from our bedroom. Too tired to get up and see what it was, I went back to sleep. An hour later as I got up to get myself ready for work, I noticed my cat Kiki playing with something on the bathroom floor. Turns out that my husband had accidently broken one of my figurines while he was rushing around getting ready. 

No biggie and nothing that I can't fix later on after I get home from work. Then, I had spent the next 15 minutes or so chasing that same cat (Kiki) away from the Yule tree as she kept trying to climb up it ~  UGH! (Yes, I realize that I broke my tradition for Black Friday this year, but it couldn't be helped).

Next, as I had pulled into the parking lot at work and was getting ready to walk into the building, I saw a small sparrow lying on the ground wounded. Apparently it had flown into the glass front doors and was then struggling to get up. So I picked it up, grabbed a large box from the mailroom, placed an old sweat jacket I had sitting in my car inside of it and put the bird inside, box uncovered, in an attempt to help keep it warm until I could figure out exactly what I was going to do with it! It had definately broken its' leg and I wasn't sure if it had broken one of its' wings as well? About two hours later, I went back out to my car to check on the bird and it was moving both its' wings and eventually was able to fly out of the box on its' own.

Then, as I opened my car door, it flew out and landed underneath the car which was parked aside if mine. I figured that if it could fly, then atleast it might have a fighting chance to survive?

... as I said, it was a very "strange" morning indeed!

BTW, sorry I was unable to get an actual pic of this guy, but I do not own a camera phone (although this is what the sparrow looked like).

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  1. How wonderful of you to help that little sparrow. He must have a scared little bird. Hope your weekend goes well.

    Blessings, V.

  2. Vivienne ~ Well, you know I just can't stand to see something suffering without trying to help it, you know?

    Thanks and have a wonderful weekend, my sister!

    Blessings to you,


  3. Oh I can relate to this. Don't we all have days like this. I have to let you know that I have changed the comments on my blog as well so I have to approve before they go automatically in. I just want to prevent negative and ugly comments and keep my blog positive. I only received one somewhat snarky comment, but being the sensitive soul I am I just don't want avoid as much negative folks as I can. Love and Light to All !!

  4. Artsings ~ I don't blame you one bit, my sister! Thank you for letting me know!