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Friday, November 25, 2011

Gemstones and Jewelry

I come to you in gentle love,
Uniting Earth with Heaven above;
Be peaceful children and never afraid,
For in love and light we all were made -
Youngest species, human child;
Learn to be gentle, loving and mild,
I teach you ALL, birth, death and rebirth
Together we can create Heaven on Earth.
~ Amethyst Prayer

Even as a small child, gemstones and rocks of all kinds had always held a certain fascination for me. The shapes and colors are so beautiful, especially when worn as jewelry. When I began studying Wicca and all that it generally entails, I couldn't wait to learn about all the various gemstones with their properties and meanings. 

Among my favorites, have always been my birthstone amethyst and amber (actually a resin, of course) which is also traditionally worn by Druid High Priests and Priestesses. Here are just a few more of the stones I love ...

Amethyst ~ used to increase psychic ability. It is also known as the "sobriety stone" and is good for protection.

Rose Quartz ~ known as the "love and friendship" stone and adds strength to relationships.

Snowflake Obsidian ~ You can use this stone by closing your eyes and picking one. The spots will depict the number of Guardian Angels guiding you on the course you have chosen.

Tree Agate ~ Worn to gain tolerance, patience and acceptance. Also enhances endurance.

Lapis Lazulli ~ Wonderful medication stone and helps bring clarity to any situation.

Rhodochrosite ~ known as the Inca Rose brings acceptance and forgiveness to all relationships. Bathe this stone in rosemary to aid with meditating about your relationships.

Moss Agate ~ Promotes simplicity, peace and happiness. Scatter several of these stones across your garden plants to bring about their abundance.

Pink Botswana ~ Helps to accept oneself as one actually is. Gives gratitude and security. Eliminates animosity and brings people with shared beliefs into your life if you focus on unity.

Some of my own favorite pieces of handcrafted gemstone jewelry set in sterling silver ...

Amber pendant and bracelet

Tiger's Eye & Carnelian necklace and bracelet with Yellow Jasper
Crystal Quartz Pendant
Mermaid necklace made with mixed Agate

Gorgeous Amethyst necklace (gift from hubby)

It is so truly amazing to me how many beautiful gemstones there are and how absolutely exqisite they look when worn! They are wonderful reminders of how breath-taking our Mother Earth truly is.

Those who befriend me know and see,
The Earth in Her eternity
Healing and wise, protective and strong,
I sing to you a loving song;
A tiny Earth Mother in your hand,
Expression of Air, Fire, Water and Land,
My charge always has been and always will be,
Heal the Earth as I heal thee!
~Agate Prayer


  1. Lovely poems and beautiful stones. I ahve many stones as well. We call the Snowflake obsidain the Spirit stone. We (my girls and I), like to give the stones more spritual names. Like faery stone, spirit stone and so on.

    Thank you for sharing the pics and info on you beautiful stones and jewlry.

    Blessings, V.

  2. Oh, your post reminds me that I have to get cracking on my continuing posts on my beloved crystals and stones. I have such a fondness for their energies and my love is especially for the semi-precious stones and crystals. Love all the pictures also. Thank you dear Spirit Sister for this post and also for the magical poems.

    Love, Peace and Happiness to ALL !

    PS I wear a simple amber beaded necklace all the time, I feel it protects me and, of course, I have my talismans and my wired-wrapped amethyst around my neck all the time also.

  3. I love these poems and I love your stones and your jewelry! I have always loved stones! Just the other day, I asked my mom, when did I start getting interested in them and she didn't even remember. I guess they have always been with me ;o) I have them everywhere and meditate with them ;o)

  4. Vivienne ~ I love the name "Spirit" stone for the snowflake obsidian. I think it's great to give them cool, personal names such as that!

    Artsings ~ I can't wait to read your further posts on gemstones! I also have talisman's which I love to keep close to me.

    Magic Love Crow ~ I guess the stones are just a part of some of us as we are drawn to them naturally for some reason. Love meditating with them as well!

    Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments~

    Blessings to all,