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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas with family

Yesterday, hubby and I spent Christmas day, as we do every year, visiting both families. We started early afternoon at my folks, where we enjoyed a scrumptious home-cooked Christmas feast of ham, potatoe filling, corn, green beans, hot buns and a glass of celebratory Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante wine  ~ and something delicious I found called, "Choco Vine" Dutch Chocolate and red wine (which actually tastes very much like a Mudslide ~ ummm good!) ...

After dinner, we opened all of our presents  ...

(My dad, brother Kerry playing with their dog Brandi, and my mom)

Next, we headed over to my hubby's parents place to exchange gifts and wind down the day by spending a rather enjoyable evening ralxing with the in-laws ...

And, of course, we had some quality time with the kitties while watching them play with their presents from Santa Paws!!

Then finally, mommy and daddy could open our presents to eachother before going to bed...

Illuminating Mermaid tealight holder

And yes, I did in fact get a Tape/CD Converter box for my live singing tapes, but unfortunately we have to return it as the CD part does not work. Howevr, I still intend to exhange it for another one.

The holidays have become even more special to us as our families get older and, with all of their various medical issues and such as time goes by, each year spent together as a family is indeed a real blessing.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful holiday! You are indeed blessed to have both your and your husband's parents to enjoy the holiday with. Every moment is precious! Looks like everyone, even kitties, had fun! Why do things never work when you bring them home!! So frustrating. Hope you get it exchanged soon.

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday. I'm glad you appreciate the time you spend with your parents, they are very precious times indeed.

    Love and Light Always,

  3. Kim, what a wonderful post! I loved seeing all your Christmas fun! Every moment is so precious, and to be cherished! You know what, I couldn't believe one thing you said in your post! It made me smile and so did my mom! My mom will only drink Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante wine! Since I have been very little, that's the only wine I can remember! She was upset when they changed their label! She thought the wine would have been changed too, but it wasn't, good thing! Mom said, your witchy friend has good taste ;o) Hugs from the both of us ;o)

  4. Robin ~ Yes, I think as we (my hubby & I) get older, we realize how important our time with our family really is. And, I can't wait to play with my "new" musical toy! LOL!

    Artsings ~ Thanks, my dear friend.I couldn't agree more with you! ;)

    Magic Love Crow ~ Thanks so muuch! I think it is so funny about the Asti wine - goes to show that your mother & I BOTH have very good taste! :D Blessings. Kim

  5. Excellent taste indeed ;o) Blessings ;o)