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Friday, February 10, 2012

Yet Another Great Addition!

Today my beautiful "Enjoying The Ride" Original Mermaid Baby Crow Aceo print arrived in the mail ~ Whoo Hoo!!! She was accompanied by an adorable "Smile" Baby Crow Aceo card and print as well ...

I had purchased her from the very talented Stacy of "MagicLoveCrow" only just a few days ago. She will make a wonderful addition to my mermaid collection ...

And, I already had the most perfect frame in which to display her in ...

Thanks so much, Stacy! I will treasure her forever!!! Blessings and have an awesome weekend all!!!!


  1. Stacy's adorable painting looks swimmingly fine in that perfect frame!!!

  2. You know my friend, the aceo looks so cute in that frame!! Fantastic!!!! Have a great night ;o) Hugs ;o)