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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Mad About Mermaids!

As most of you may already know, I am a total mermaid fanatic! You name it, I pretty much collect it. Paintings, statues, candle holders, chalices, wands, athames, jewelry, jewelry boxes, oil lamps, books, and so on since 1990.

My newest additions to my mermaid paraphernalia which I currently have waiting in my Altar Room are a pair of beautiful plaster wall hanging mermaids that I recently picked up at a Gothic Shop ~ a mermaid and a merman. I just love them! Eventually, I would like to hang them up on my wall and use them as a book shelf ...

Merman on the left (isn't he gorgeous?) and mermaid on right

Although I would have to say that my absolute fav is my Dragon Mermaid my hubby gave me last year for my birthday ...

For me, it represents the culmination of both my Western and Chinese astrological aspects of Pisces and Wood Dragon. Mermaids ~ I simply can't get enough of them! LOL!


  1. Oh they are all gorgeous. I love mermaids as well ... and, of course, the fae folk.

    Happiness to all !

  2. I love to read about your passion for mermaids. You have a great collection, and i don't think you will ever have "enough" of 'em!

  3. Love them all Kim! Beautiful! I didn't realize you were such a mermaid fanatic ;o) Hugs ;o)