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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ostara Altar and other stuff

As you can see, I also put out my Ostara altar complete with the usual seasonal trimmings ~ statue of Eostre with Her sacred animal the Hare at her feet and showing her belly heavy with Spring and ready to soon give birth to every living thing, basket of decorated eggs (porcelain, of course, not real!), vine of spring flowers and pink and purple ritual candles. All in honor of Eostre, the Teutonic Lunar Goddess of Fertility.

Oh yes, and here are a few pics from last night's special birthday dinner at my bestie Judy's house ...

Making our birthday wishes!
Judy with son and also a member of our solitary Wiccan group, Rich
Judy opening her present from me (with hubby Draco)
A music box that you can put a 5 X 7 pic in and plays, "That's What Friends Are For"
My gift from Judy  ~ a pretty amber matching earring and bracelet set

She had quite a housefull of guests including her mother and father-in-law, her two sisters, her mom and a couple more of our friends. We had a great time and it was so wonderful seeing her again. But, the really cool thing is that we both (without knowing) happened to make the very same birthday wish (although I can't tell you what it is or it won't come true ~ LOL)!! Then again,  I suppose that I shouldn't be too surprised at this as we are, after all, each others' twin soul!  ;)


  1. Lovely altar, great birthday gifts! Thanks for sharing these moments. (p.s. I didnt know your hair was so long!)

  2. Kim, I love your altar! How beautiful ;o) Thanks for sharing your birthday with us!! What a lovely music box and I love amber!!! I agree with Robin, I didn't know your hair was so long! Can I borrow some?? LOL! Big Hugs ;o)

  3. Looks like you guys had a good time. I wish I would have felt better to go! Still getting over my cold.Things have been very stressful lately.

    1. Judy ~ I know. We are both sorry that you couldn't join us! We will have to get together very soon!

      Luv ya!


  4. Robin & Stacy ~ Thank you so much! I am only happy to share with my friends. Especially great ones like you guys!

    Oh yeah, and Stacy ~ I am actually getting my hair cut tomorrow so I'll be sure to send ya some! LOL!!!

    Blessings always,