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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Mom's Birthday Weekend!

I am Leo, hear me roar! It's my mom's birthday weekend, even though it was officially this past Monday the 4th, we are planning on celebrating it with her today ...

My favorite portrait of my mom as a child  ~  my mom is on the right, my Aunt Janel on the left.

 My mom is actually the reason I became interested in astrology as a child. She may not have realized it at the time, but her books on the subject (even though it may have only been a passing interest to her at the time) left a lasting influence on me and most probably was the beginning of my life-time journey into the world of Wicca itself. Whenever I said or did something typically "Pisces-like," she would always say to me, "You sure are your sign!" LOL!

Of course, Leos are, of all of the signs in the zodiac, known to be amongst the most protective of their family and friends. I have many Leos surrounding me in my own life and I have found this to be very, very true indeed! It so reminds me of the old Addison poem regarding them ...

"Who praises all his kindred do,
  Expects his friends to praise them, too
And can not see their senseless view?
Ah, Leo!"

My father-in-law is also a Leo and his birthday is next Sunday, with my dear friend and Reiki Master, Fran (aka Lady Sabrina Rhiannon) being two days after.

I leave you all with one of my mom's favorite songs (though she has many!)



  1. Your mother is a beautiful lady...A Very Happy Birthday, Kim's Mom!!!

    You can add another Leo to your friends, Kim...my birthday is this month also :))
    I love being a Leo. This is why I have Lions at my front door, in my house and in my Little Witch Cottage! Not real ones of course...just empowered ones to protect :)

    ~Blessings & Hugs, Kim~

    1. Thanks, Jan! Good to know my mom is in very GOOD company! :)

      Leos are awesome folks and I am privileged to be able to share my life with many!

      Look forward to your birthday, my dear friend!

      Blessings always,


  2. Happy Belated Birthday to your mom ;o) Many blessings to her ;o)
    She is beautiful ;o)
    Big hugs to the both of you ;o)