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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Three New Fall Wreaths

With the on-coming of the Autumn Equinox and Samhain not too far behind, I have been getting back into creating some more seasonal wreaths. There is just something so special about this time of the year that simply moves my spirit!

The first one is a heart-shaped wreath called, "I Love Fall" (please double-click on the images to see them a little bigger) ...

 The second is a medium-sized wreath for "Samhain" ...

 And, the third is a mini "Fall" wreath ...

Both the heart-shaped Fall and the Samhain wreaths were made with an orange-colored rose added to the bottom. I thought it would be something different to try. ;o)

Anyway, I was thinking about adding one of these new wreaths to my "Countdown to Mabon" Giveaway. If I get enough followers who would be interested in the drawing, I will most likely do just that.

Many "thanks" to my awesome friends Stacy, Jan, and Linda for their interest in my giveaway and I have already added your names to my drawing list. And, many thanks to everyone for their kind and thoughtful words regarding my handmade crafts ~ very much appreciated, my friends!

Much love to all!!


  1. Hey Kim ;o) These wreaths are so beautiful! I love them! I want August gone so badly this year! I have never wanted August gone so fast ever before! LOL! Bring on Autumn ;o) I am ready ;o) Love you my friend ;o)

    1. Stacy, I totally agree! I have had about all I can stand of the August weather this year! LOL!

      Love you back, my sister!! :)

  2. Kim, you are very talented my friend, those wreaths are astonishing, I love the colors.

  3. Hi Kim,
    thank you for finding me again ; ) It is great to be back in blogland.
    Your wreaths look wonderful. I am really looking forward to Halloween. Have a magical day.