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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

TWL's 'Throwback Thursday'

Ah, great memories are made of this ...

My beautiful nana Cora who taught me many things, including how to crochet. Whenever I would miss a stitch, she would always say to me, "Unravel it and do it all over again. If you are going to do something, you must do it right or not bother doing it at all!" She was right.  ;)

One of my most oldest and dearest of friends, Fran Moise (High Priestess Lady Sabrina Rhiannon) who is also my Reiki Master. I have learned so very much from her.

For many years, I took twirling lessons (two baton) from this awesome lady, Jill Rozum. Here is an old pic of my former friend and twirling partner, Karin, Jill, and me at a 25-year reunion of "The Boutiques Drum & Twirling Corp" ...

Me in 1976
Posing for a quick pic with Karin before a competition (1982)
Me & Karin at the awards ceremony after a First Place finish in the 1982 "Talent Olympics," Hershey, PA (don't you just love our 80's hairdo? LOL!)

 And again, with Karin in our senior year of High School ~ 1983


  1. Love this post!!! You are so cute! And, you are so talented too ;o)
    Wise advice! Do it right, or not at all!
    Big Hugs xoxoxox

    1. Yup, that was my nana alright ... very loving, but difinitely NO NONSENSE! LOL!(But I, too, agree with her) ;)

      You are so sweet, my friend. All I can do is smile and laugh a lot whenever I look at these very old pics!!! (good times, though I must say) ;)

      Hugs, Kim