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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

TWL's 'Throwback Thursday'

Memories of sabbat celebrations past with friends and family ...

Posing with Lady Sabrina Rhiannon (aka my long-time dear friend and Reiki Master, Fran Moise) at one of her Samhain ritual celebrations for "Coven of the Silver Moon Circle", circa 2001 ...

With my "twin soul sister" Judy, and her son Page on Mabon 2002 ...

And a fun old pic taken from our "Old Path Enlightener's Circle" Midsummer celebration in June of 2003 (with our friend Waterfae and my sisters Aurora Skye & Judy)!


  1. Love these glimpses into the past.

  2. Great pictures Kim! Love them ;o) That middle picture is one sexy pic of you!
    Big Hugs ;o)