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Monday, August 18, 2014

"National Black Cat Appreciation Day" & a little Witchy Music!


While the 90's hit motion picture movie, "The Craft" in reality most likely should have been subtitled, "Wicca: What not to Do," (LOL!) the movie's soundtrack music was considerably pretty good! 

I have included a few of my personal favorites from this CD in this post for fun which I actually listen to quite often while I am kicking back, relaxing in my altar room. Hope you all enjoy!


  1. Nice to meet you Lady Caer Morganna! Thank you for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself. I see we share a love of the Autumn season and Halloween time....it's my favorite time of the year as well. I see above that I missed 'Black Cat Appreciation Day'....what a shame too, as I have a black cat, her name is Coventina. She does have a bit of an evil streak to her, but it's nothing to do with being a black kitty, she just turns a little wild sometimes, supposedly gets it from her mother. There are lots of fun Halloween Lovers out here in Halloween Town on the web...you may want to join in this year' Halloween Countdown if you haven't done it before! Lots of great things to check out! Again...so nice to meet you, have a great week! :o)

  2. Hij Kim,
    lovely post !! We used to have a black cat called CP (charming pussycat ).
    We had to boring her to the vet, to be put asleep, because she had mouthcancer.
    She was a very special cat !!
    Have a magical day.

  3. I love black cats, they are my favourite, my sister has one called Salem and he is just adorable, there is something truly magical about him as with any other black cat, you can really see him taking everything in, he is a true familiar, maybe even a spirit of a family member we never met, it makes me sad that black cats suffer such prejudice even today!
    The craft soundtrack is one of my all time favourite, really good songs, I love them all, I have the touch is my favourite closely followed by dangerous type and the bell, book and candle instrumental, the movie reminds me of my school days when I first watched it!
    I too adore the season of Autumn and love Halloween, it's my favourite time of year and my birth month, I really feel such a deep connection to it! XxxxxxxxX

  4. Great post Kim!
    I love black cats ;o) They are beautiful!
    Excellent sound track! Thanks for sharing my friend ;o)