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Saturday, February 14, 2015

In Loving Memory of my Beloved Dad

This is without a doubt the most difficult post I have ever had to write. Yesterday was a day that will forever live in agonizing sadness for my family and myself. My beloved father passed away at 12:45 in the afternoon at home. Thanks to the wonderful and compassionate nursing staff who stayed by my dad and my family's side throughout the entire day, he was able to go peacefully, without any pain, and on his own terms ~ not God's.

My father touched so many people's lives and has left a legacy to be extremely proud of. The person whom I have become and everything that I am, I owe to my father. We will forever miss his warm, loving presence and unforgettable sense of humor. He was the very best husband, father and friend anyone could ever have had and the empty hole left in our hearts is a deep one. 


  1. Sending you the warmest and gentlest of hugs, and lighting a rosemary candle to honour his memory. My thoughts are with you. All of you.

    1. Thank you so very much Jacqueline. Your comforting friendship at this difficult time means more to me than words can express. Goddess Bless!

  2. Kim, my dear sweet sister. Hugs to you and yours. It is so painful to go through this. So hard. Please know I am thinking of you. May the Love and Light of the Goddess embrace you.

  3. Even though I never met your father, he has truly touched my heart!

  4. Blessings to you dear sister, may your father truly be at peace now. Go with the Goddess dear one )O(

  5. Kim, holding you tight and sending many blessings out to you and your family! I am so sorry for your loss! Your father is smiling and dancing now ;o)