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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Meanwhile, down in the "cat" cave ...

For about a month and a half now, hubby and I have been attempting to gain the trust of this stray kitty, whom we have dubbed "Leo." Last night, at 1:15AM in the morning, hubby woke me up from my sleep in order to tell me that he was finally able to bring him in from the bone-chilling cold of which we have all been cursed with this harsh winter, none more punished than poor Leo.

Hubby gently picked him up and took him downstairs, placed him in the huge dog cage with food, water and kitty box. As per usual, we never allow our other fur babies to be exposed to any stray which we bring in the house until they have been thoroughly checked out by our trusty vet. Fe-Luk test, updated shots and all, we will make an appointment as soon as possible and, hopefully weather permittung, get him in to the vets this week.

This is how I found him this morning. So scared that he moved his cat box over in that he could hide behind it. Scared, but very sweet, I believe he should (we hope) make a very nice addition to our cat family.

As you can see, our temporary "holding" cage is rather large and gives Leo plenty of room to move around.

Right after we brought him in, we noticed a fresh wound just above his right eye. I cleaned it up with a cotton pad and some hydrogen peroxide. Also, he must have gotten into a pretty bad fight as he has a rather large scab on the left side of his neck. Another reason we must get him to the vet asap.

We are glad he is inside and safe, but we will not be able to breathe freely until we get an okay from the vet and we pray that his test results all come back fine.


  1. Oh my goodness, bless your hearts for saving him. I hope that everything will be just fine. He is a beauty. I have been out of touch for about 2 months. I am not working anymore and feel really good about that. There was a big change in Directors at work and it snowballed right down to us part timers.

    Please be safe and take care. Sending many blessings your way.

  2. You and your hubby are such sweethearts! Big Hugs and I am so happy Leo found you ;o)