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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Of Valentine's Day Past

Ah yes, when one thinks of the Valentine's Day celebrations growing up as a child, it is hard not to remember one Lupercalia custom which everyone in my class particiated in (even if we did not realize at the time that it was actually pagan in nature). That long- practiced tradition of exchanging Valentine's Day cards. Even the Luthern Sunday School which my brother and I belonged to at the time allowed all of us children to do so.

In elementary school, we were told to write out a card for each and every fellow student and then place all of the cards into a big box. We all took turns at picking out a card from the box until they were all gone. This way, everyone received a Valentine's greeting and no one was left out ~ making Valentine's Day a group celebration everyone could enjoy.

Unlike the Lupercalia festivals which the Roman's celebrated centuries ago, the evolution of this holiday has changed the way in which we view this holiday quite a bit. For example, instead of making it a community or group celebration, we as a society have turned it into mere commercialism. While receiving a rather expensive bouquet of roses, chocolates and/or a stuffed teddy bear from our beloved may give us a warm, special feeling inside, it hardly does very much for those who spend this holiday at home alone feeling unloved or unappreciated.

Now, I am not in any way suggesting that we hold a lover lottery for all and allow men to chase women around while lightly hitting them with a thong made from a sacrificial animal. All I am saying is that instead of being known as a holiday tradition made for couples only, we should find a way to make this holiday a tad more group oriented to include anyone. And thereby, everyone would have the chance to join in the fun.

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  1. Great post! I love and I agree with what you said ;o) Hugs ;o)