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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Leo the Lion Heart

Happy Thursday everyone! Just a little update on the newest member of our feline family, Leo. We took Leo for his vet appointment on Wednesday evening. Dr. Heather examined him and upon taking a good look at his horrid wounds said, "Wow! These are pretty nasty. He's lucky to be alive!" Mind you, the entire time she is looking at him, he is purring happily.

Indeed, they were much worse than we even imagined, although he surprisingly did not require any stitches. She sedated him so that she could thoroughly clean up his wounds and cuts, neuter him, give him convenia (an antibiotic injection), give him something for worms, and perform a FeLuk test immediately. To our relief, his results were negative. After a few nail-biting hours spent at the vet's (and Leo a bit groggy from being sedated), we were able to take him home with us. 

The only problem is that since he is a stray and we do not know whether or not he had a rabies vaccination (highly unlikely), and we do not know what kind of animal attacked him (raccoon, groundhog, other?) we must have him quarantined for up to six months! Meaning, no contact with other animals and even our contact is limited as there is no test available to find out if an animal has the rabies virus.

We will do whatever is necessary to get Leo "the lion heart" back on his feet so that he can join the rest of the family for, Goddess willing, a very long time.


  1. Leo is a very lucky lionheart; I'm so glad he found you!

  2. Bless his heart and bless you and your hubby's heart! ;o)