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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Horror movies and Witchcraft.

Horror movies follow people's ignorance and superstition in order to sell tickets. Like all movies and unlike ancient greek theatrical tradition, they are not supposed to teach anything but to be liked by as many as possible. We could make a horror movie about christian priests torturing women, abusing boys, ordering the slaying of natives that refused to be proselytized etc. and/or about their god being an evil demon that wouldn't be far from the truth. I have a life cause to produce and even direct such a movie. However such a movie wouldn't be that commercial because regardless if it tells the truth, it would stumble on two main obstacles.

a) The establishment, that wouldn't be happy being exposed.

b) The selfism of the majority that would not tolerate anything going against the common beliefs.

So a small minority religion called witchcraft is more commercial to be falsely defamed than the truth that exposes the establishment and so their supposed to be "evil witches" seducing young men and sacrificing them to the "devil", killing babies etc.

Of course by now every serious researcher knows that these are lies. Neverthless some truths can't be spoken in public because it is considered politically incorrect to be said and maybe even against the law and they remain common secrets in scientific books and conference proccedings. We still struggle to teach the theory of evolution at schools. This alone is enough to show our sorry condition.

Therefore people will continue having their mass illusions and watching these ridiculus horror movies e.g. those about count Dracula scared by a cross though we, in witchcraft community, know REAL vampires that aren't troubled at all by a cross and Vlad the historical person behind "Dracula" movie/novel is actually a hero that defended his land against the invading Turks and the church demonized him for political reasons....

All these superstitions and lies were actually fabricated by the christian church in the Middle Ages, a church that destroyed the Greco-Roman civilization with so much extreme violence that surpassed the Nazis by far and as a result we had the Dark Years in which we returned back in the prehistoric ages and people died of previously curable or at least preventable diseases. Every good history book explains it in details. The same happens today to some states in the East after islamists took over, e.g. Afghanistan and Iran.

So these horror movies merely reproduce the lies that an evil church used to excuse the extermination of the Old Religion that existed before. They are reversing the reality presenting a good priest VS an evil witch while exactly the opposite is what really happened.

I believe that the time has come to at least sue those movie makers that defame and profane our religion. They should be sued by our churches for using the words "witch" or "witchcraft" to talk about "devil"-worshiping, murders and the like. If you think that this isn't that serious i do remind you that people are still getting killed for - real or supposed - witchcraft in many places of this earth...


  1. Richard Pryor said the reason vampires shy away from a cross is because they are allergic to bullshit! I agree! Horror movies are Christian propaganda films designed to make you respect Christianity and be terrified of everything else. I used to enjoy them till I realized this. Ever see a vampire run away from a pentagram? or an ankh? Sex?!?!?! How lewd! Everything is twisted and distorted to justify bigotry and prejudice and hate. Embracing nature? what are you, some kind of witch? ha ha ha ha ha ha

    1. I must admit i thought the same about christian propaganda. I couldn't claim that w/o solid evidence. So i just supposed that they reflect common beliefs - which happens to be christian - in order to sell tickets. However, i strongly suspect what you say.

      Now that you talked about sex, i have to note the many of these movies show sex just before something terrible happens, e.g. a serial killer attacks, as if they try to pass the subconscious message "Don't do sex, something terrible will happen because you have to pay dearly for every such "sinfull" pleasure...

      I want a horror movie showing christian priests with bloody hands running away from pentagrams and sex... LOL!

  2. Great post!! I just read your comment and had a great laugh!
    I want a horror movie showing christian priests with bloody hands running away from pentagrams and sex... LOL!

    1. We can make one crowdfunded :)

      "Pagans of USA, if you are sick of christian propaganda and pro-christian horror movies, support us to make a pagan horror movie that 's near the truth"

      Tee hee hee, that would be magnifiscent... :)

  3. Witches have the reputation of being evil and Satanic...some of my best friends are witches and I am thankful that I keep an open mind to who and what people believe in.
    There are bad and good in all religions...it has been proven time-and-time again. This is true of witches, too.
    But after all...we are human beings. If one must judge...than let it be on facts...not fiction.
    Movies are for entertainment and to make money for those who make them...not to judge someone's beliefs by!!!

    Great post!!!

    1. You make a good point. I was thinking and discussing that too much. On the one hand there is Freedom of Speech. Kim told me that at a time Dems wanted to censor cartoons under the excuse of making kids do dangerous things, which seems ridiculus to me. On the other hand is the protection of society from hate talk and incitements to violence. There isn't a general accepted solution, so civilised world balances between these two in a non uniform way.

      One can imagine everything he wants about imaginary things and publish his/her fantasies as works of art. No problem here. The problem arises when someone attempts to talk about real things in public. He/she might contradict science or historical reality. Then he/she runs the risk to be sued, especially if what he says can cause harm or offend someone.

      I agree with you that movies are for entertainment and money making. That 's why i was carefull and didn't talk about propaganda without evidence. They say what people expect to hear and reflect their beliefs which happen to be christian.

      Therefore i can make a pagan horror movie as well. Especially if what i 'll show is historically true. :)