We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Recruitments and Pagan Witches.

Some of us have experienced, those annoying visits by Jehovah Witnesses trying to convert people to their nonsense. None has experienced the same visit by a Wiccan. Why is this difference? Jehovah witnesses teach their members that they know when the "end of the world" will take place and that is soon. Therefore, it's a great necessity to "save" as many people as they can since only they are suppposed to know the truth and go to paradise, all others are supposed to go to hell. This trick works fine for believers because it makes them work hard to bring more fans to their group. That's why they are telling people that, because their only desire is for more members. They don't care if they are happy or unhappy. They are scaring them in order to get them in and they are scaring them to remain in there, regardless the psychological damage they inflict upon them. They don't care about their member's health. Members are "numbers" to them. They also need more members to feed their thoughtforms.

Wiccans however have an entirely different point of view.

First of all, we know about thoughtforms, what they do and how and therefore it is impossible for a thoughtform to trick a wiccan into finding victims to feed it. Second, we don't see our religion as the only way and the only truth. We - like all pagans - believe that other gods coexist with ours. We don't believe that any god can or will punish us for not exclusively believing in him/her. We honor all gods that their followers do the same for ours. Third, we don't believe in any imaginary enemy and the necessity to be saved from him/her. Fourth, we see our local coven as a family and the term Bro. and Sis. are LITERAL in our religion and no empty words. And we don't bring strangers into our family. We DON'T WANT many unknown strangers as members, We don't need them among us.

The only reason there is a strife against Christianity is that they persecuted us in old times and still use hate talk against us. It is partially our problem because we can't forgive and we can't forget what they did to us. We never said that we are all good and perfect. And we have the right and good reason to suspect that they will do it again whenever they have the chance.

So if anyone tries to convert people to witchcraft, he/she is no longer a witch but a power hungry warlock. The Old Law forbids to reveal that you are a witch and to brag about it. So recruiting is impossible for a witch of the Rede. It is only possible to make students out of people you PERSONALLY know and IN SECRET.


  1. You are so on point. I once was a Jehovahs Witness. I am a Baptist now. I am drawn to what I believe is the original spiritual experience-paganism, wicca, earth-based paths. Fear is used to bring about conformity. Thank you.