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Friday, October 01, 2010

Divining the Future

Who isn’t intrigued to some degree by the art of divination? Even those who are seemingly skeptical are still somewhat fascinated by the idea. From tea leaves to tarot cards, divination goes back centuries. It is simply astounding how many different types of tools are used. Pendulums, palmistry, runes, tarot cards, ouija boards, crystal balls/scrying, egg yolks and even coffee grounds are just a few examples of how to divine the future.

The vast majority of witches whom I have known over the years have learned some form of divination skill along their path.  As for me, I read the tarot and have been using the cards for several years. On an occasion or two, my friend Waterfae and I would be asked to read cards at various establishments – pubs, private parties, etc. Waterfae works with “The Fae” when performing her readings, channeling through "them.”  While I, on the other hand, use the 10-card Celtic spread – combining the meaning of the cards with my own intuition.

Card placement is an important factor when reading for someone. Past, present, future and outcome cards – all tell a story! It is also very important to make sure that people understand that the future is not “written in stone.”  The reading itself simply reflects the individuals’ own chosen path at the time of the reading.  It can either be considered a warning of things to come or a kind of confirmation, if you will, of the good choices the individual has made in their life thus far.  In other words, “if you don’t like the direction you are heading in, CHANGE IT!” We all have that power within us!

Tarot cards, when used correctly, can be an excellent source of guidance. The cards themselves date back to 1442 and were commonly used by Kings to predict the rise and fall of power. They survived religious persecution by going underground, reappeared sometime in the 1700’s and are still used by many witches to this day.

Whatever the method of divination you may be using, always be sure to use your tools wisely and never abuse any natural “gift” that the Goddess & God have seen fit to give you.
Blessed Be!

(Just a word of caution regarding ouija boards. THEY ARE NOT A GAME!!! Using these boards opens up doorways to the spiritual realm – inviting ANY spirit, friendly or not, into your life. Unless you are highly experienced and know exactly what you are doing in order to take the proper precautions to protect yourself, I strenuously advise you to avoid using ouija boards for ANY reason!!!!)

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  1. Another excellent post! Good warning at the bottom. I have seen many dark things happen due to these ouija boards! Funny you should post this now, I just found my pendulum the other day after not seeing it for 4+ years. Hmmm... maybe someone is telling me something?