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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Simple Initiation Ritual

(These rites bring an individual into the Magickal community. They do not “make” an individual into a Pagan or a Witch per se, rather they confirm and assist in developing the potential already within that person.)
Items needed:
1 tall silver candle (Goddess)
1 tall gold candle (God) 
athame or wand
Bowl of salt
Cup of water
Sage to burn in cauldron
Anointing oil

HPS:    (Casts circle and calls the corners – she then invokes the Goddess & God)

HPS:   (While lighting the silver Goddess candle) -
“O Gracious Goddess of the Earth and Mother of all, be with us now inside this sacred circle as we initiate thy child, (initiate’s name). As  it is willed, so mote it be!” 

HPS:  (While lighting the gold candle) -
“O Loving God of the Forests and Father of all, be with us now inside this sacred circle as we initiate thy child (initiate’s name). As it is willed, so mote it be!”

 HPS:   ”Blessed be those within this circle,
               Cleanse thy hearts and minds
               that only truth be spoken
               that only truth be heard.”

(HPS then cleanses everyone present by saging them with the smoke from the cauldron)

HPS:  (Turns to initiate) -
“Do you, (initiate’s name), wish to be initiated unto the service of the Goddess and God and the Craft, that you may learn of them and that you may join the Craft of the wise, do you seek the way?”

INITIATE:  (responds to HPS)

HPS:  “Blessed be thine eyes that have seen this day.”
(HPS anoints initiate’s third eye)

HPS:  “Blessed be thy lips that may utter the sacred names.”
(HPS touches initiate’s mouth with the tips of her fingers)

HPS:  “Blessed be thy heart that may seek only truth.”
(HPS touches initiate’s heart with her hand)

HPS:  “Blessed be thy feet that have led thee in these ways.”
(HPS anoints both initiate’s feet)

(HPS then takes her athame or wand and places it above the initiate’s head while saying) -

“In the name of the Lord and Lady,
I place this threefold charge upon you;
To know the Goddess and God,
To love her and her consort through the knowledge of nature,
and to follow the way of the Ancient Ones.”
HPS:  (Thank the Goddess & God and the elements, close ritual and open circle – giving back to the Earth afterwards)

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