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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Working With Deities

When it comes to magickal workings, some deities are most definitely easier to work with than others. For example, I have found that working with Egyptian deities is considerably different from working with Celtic or Greek pantheons. Egyptian deities tend to be much more on the “stubborn” side and will only allow you to invoke them if they so choose to. They are somewhat independent and will only work with you on “their” terms. When they do decide to work with us; however, they are effectively powerful indeed!  Quite honestly, of all the pantheons I have worked with, they seem to command the most respect!

There are times when I am asked if I invoke any particular deity or deities in my rituals. Although I have worked with various pantheons in the past, I usually stick with the Celtic deities because I feel most connected to them. When working with deities, it is important to remember that particular Gods and Goddesses are called upon for different types of workings. One might choose to invoke Aphrodite for love magick or Bonus Eventus for spells involving money. 

Before deciding which God and/or Goddess you wish to invoke, you should consider their etiology. In other words, should you decide to use Lilith or Kali, for example, you would do better to remember their attributes! By invoking any deity, you are effectively bringing their entity or "essence" into your circle to aid in your magick.  Due to this fact, you must be smart and use your own discretion. Doing your homework not only increases your chances of success, but it also helps avoid any mistakes on your part!

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