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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Solitary or Coven: A Personal Choice

 A few years ago, I decided to begin my journey into the fascinating world of witchcraft. Due to the fact that I did not know of any other witches at the time, I began studying and practicing on my own – reading every single book I could get my hands on! As a result, I essentially became a solitary practitioner.  In time, I began to meet other witches – some solitary practitioners, some whom belonged to a group or coven.  It wasn’t long before I too belonged to a nice little group of Wiccan friends who practiced and believed as I did. It was about this time when I met Lady Sabrina Rhiannon, a Wiccan High Priestess who had started her own Eclectic coven. She invited me into her home to meet her very warm and welcoming coven members. From time to time, I would join them in their circles, enjoying the feeling of unity which I had never been able to experience as a solitary. Through the years, Lady Sabrina Rhiannon and I became very dear friends. In fact, we officiated at each others’ weddings!

My solitary friends and I decided to get together on a regular basis to celebrate esbats and sabbats. Eventually, we began a Pagan group which we named the Old Paths Enlightener’s Network -(O.P.E.N.). It has since been renamed the Old Paths Enlightener’s Circle.

As a teacher, I am always telling my students that whether they decide to practice as a solitary or join a coven, I strongly encourage them to experience a coven atmosphere for themselves. Perhaps even “sit in” on a ritual if possible - if for no other reason, but to educate themselves on what covens are actually about. 

As much as I love getting together with my own solitary group of friends, I still enjoy participating in my High Priestess friends’ ritual ceremonies now and again. For me, one of the really wonderful things about Wicca is that we are constantly learning throughout our lives. I truly believe that we are forever learning from one another – solitary and coven alike!


  1. Good points! Sometimes it is hard to open yourself up to others. Much easier to join with someone else's circle if you know one or two of the members. I have developed such social anxiety that I can't see myself doing that for quite a while. I think for now I will be keep on as solitary. Although not really since the 5 people here will be joining me!

  2. The previous comment was accidently deleted while I was making some changes to my blog. It was originally posted as a comement by April so I added it agin. (Sorry, April!) Love you!