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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Solitary Samhain Ritual

Traditionally include acorns which symbolize the God, apples which symbolize the Goddess - often used as decorations are fall leaves, gourds and bare twigs
A photograph of a loved one who has passed on
1 tall gold candle (for God)
1 tall silver candle (for Goddess)
1 pink votive candle
Sage incense to burn in cauldron
Any black colored gemstone such as obsidian , smoky quartz or onyx
Cup of salt
Bowl of water
Chalice of wine or juice
Wand and athame
Perhaps a personal memento of the loved one could be worn such as a piece of jewelry

Cast the circle and call the corners but do not light the corner candles yet. Then begin to invoke the Goddess and God:

(Invocation of the God) – (while lighting the GOLD candle):
“I now do call upon the eternal God in the ancient way, as Lord of the Sun and consort to the Lady -  who will in this season pass into the Summerland. Send Thy spirit forth so that we, your children, may feel your light within us all. As it is willed, so mote it be!”

(Invocation of the Goddess) – (while lighting the SILVER candle):
“I now do call upon the eternal Goddess in the Ancient way, as Crone Mother and consort to the Lord, bringer of death and giver of life. Send Thy spirit forth so that we, your children, may feel your life within us all. As it is willed, so mote it be!”

(Then kneel in front of the altar and say) -
“The Wheel of the Year turns on and on, bringing us to and from each season. What will be is, what was will be. All time is here and now inside this sacred space. I pause briefly now to watch the Wheel turn as I honor this sacred season of Samhain – a time to honor the memory of those who have passed and have gone from this physical world. In this moment between time, I come to praise the wise Crone Goddess and her beloved consort, the God, who is soon to pass into the Summerland – opening the veil which makes this world and the world of spirit thin.”

(Take the cauldron or incense burner and hold it upward while saying) -
“As I smell this incense, symbol of air, may I feel myself gaining strength and power.”

(Then light the corner candles while saying) -
“As I watch these candles burn, symbol of fire, may I recall how the fires built by my ancestors nurtured and protected them.”

(Hold the bowl of salt upward while saying) –
“As I touch this salt, symbol of earth, I ask the Ancient Ones to protect and heal the Earth on which we live.”

(Anoint yourself with the cup of water while saying) –
“As I anoint myself with this water, symbol of water, may it serve to cleanse my body and spirit of all negativity, illness and weariness of heart.”

(Take the Chalice of wine or juice from the altar and drink from it while saying) –
“Blessed Lady Goddess, as I drink from this chalice, I humbly ask that you fill me with your essence. Blessed be the Lady!”

(Take the athame from the altar and raise it upward while saying) –
“Blessed Lord God, I humbly ask your presence at my circle tonight as I honor you at this season. Blessed be the Lord!”

“Tonight is a night of death when our beloved God passes into the Summerland as the season of summer dies with him. But tonight is also as night of life as our wise Crone Goddess sees us through the ever-darkening season to life renewed – when our Lord God is born again at Yule.”

(Pick up the God & Goddess candles and unite the flames while saying) –
“Tonight Goddess and God are a part of two separate worlds. They are for a brief time separated from one another.”

(Remove candle flames from one another and extinguish the God candle, symbolizing death. Then place both candles back on the altar, saying) –
“Farewell Blessed Lord. Safe be your journey into the Summerland. Wise Crone Goddess, may the loving comfort of your people ease your sorrow.”

(Light the PINK candle and say) –
“As our beloved Lord passes through the veil which separates this world from the world of spirit, that veil is for a brief moment cast aside. Those who have already passed over may wish to seek their loved ones once again.”

(Take a few moments to honor your loved one(s). Divination may also be done at this time, if you so wish. When finished, extinguish the pink candle while saying) –
“Merry part and may you return to your area in peace – taking with you my love.”

(Close ritual and open the circle by thanking the Ancient Ones and giving back to the Earth afterwards) –
“I am a child of deity,
 I am part of the creative life force which moves the universe;
 I am part of all that is,
Though we are apart, we are ever together –
For we are one in the spirit of our Goddess and God;
Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again – Blessed be!”


  1. love this ritual, I think I'll be doing it on Samhain this year :)

  2. This is truly beautiful and will be my Samhain ritual for 2013. Blessed Be.

  3. Absolutely lovely, brought tears to my eyes. Incredibly moving work of art.