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Friday, February 11, 2011

Astrology: Affirmations & Mottos

I’ve been having a little fun with astrology lately! I think almost everyone is familiar with the zodiac and the Sun sign affirmations, but do you know what your sign “motto” is? Amongst my many books on astrology, there’s one called, “The Hidden Zodiac” by Sasha Fenton. In it, there is a section which breaks down our Sun sign mottos. So, here goes:

Aries:  (Fire/Cardinal))
Affirmation – “I AM”                    Motto -  “Everybody out of my way!”

Taurus:  (Earth/Fixed))
Affirmation -   “I HAVE”             Motto -  “What’s mine?”

Gemini:  (Air/Mutable)
Affirmation -   “I THINK”           Motto -   “Listen to me …”    

Cancer:  (Water/Cardinal)
Affirmation –   “I FEEL”            Motto -   “Does anybody really care?”

Leo:  (Fire/Fixed)
Affirmation -    “I WILL”            Motto -   “Who wants to play?”

Virgo:  (Earth/Mutable)
Affirmation -    “I ANALYZE      Motto -   “We’re not doing it right!”

Libra:  (Air/Cardinal)
Affirmation -    “I BALANCE     Motto -    “Is this the right direction?”

Scorpio:  (Water/Fixed)
Affirmation -    “I CREATE”      Motto -   “Let’s get to the bottom of it.”

Sagittarius:  (Fire/Mutable)
Affirmation -    “I SEE”              Motto -     “I know where you’re coming from.”

Capricorn:  (Earth/Cardinal)
Affirmation -    “I USE”              Motto -     “I deserve better.”

Aquarius:  (Air/Fixed)
Affirmation -    “I KNOW”         Motto -     “I’m just curious.”

Pisces:  (Water/Mutable)
Affirmation -    “I BELIEVE”    Motto -    “What am I doing here?”

Most of the astrology books which I have read discuss the usual criteria – your sign’s ruling planet, house, element, polarity, quality, body parts, virtues, etc. This book also talks about other aspects of your sign such as your Major and Minor Arcana tarot cards and your Sun sign “type.” There are two sign types – mental (Air and Earth) and emotional (Water and Fire). The emotional signs, “Act on emotions before thinking” and the mental signs, “Think before acting on emotions.” Of course, astrology and all of its aspects is much more complex than this, but I love the “tongue-in-cheek” humor all the same.


  1. That was hilarious. Thank you for sharing

  2. I thought it was called motto, but you have it as "affirmation." Some places have different words for each sign, but the ones you have listed are the best description of each sign's individual perspective. If you look at and learn to recognize yourself through this lens, you will start to see how the entire 12 houses are a connected system, just like a 12 step program, for unlocking your own individual potential and realizing how it fits naturally into the procession of events around you in your daily life.

  3. Thanks for posting this! I'm totally jamming this music, too. I imagine it as if it's all the inner mental processes of a single person.