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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friendship Blessing Ritual

Friendship Blessing Ritual

You will need ~
1 pink candle (for love and friendship)
1 white candle (for purity & spirit)
Astral candles (for birthdays - see chart below)
Rose incense & incense burner
Rose Quartz gemstone
Pink altar cloth
Pink roses and/or carnations
Blessing oil
Tarot cards (optional)
4 corner candles
1 gold God candle
1 silver Goddess candle
Bowl of salt
Cup of water
Chalice of wine
Ritual cakes or cookies
Piece of paper

Cast circle and call the corners in usual manner. Cleanse and purify circle by sweeping the perimeter using besom.  Light the rose incense and invoke the God and Goddess. Anoint pink and white candles and the Astral candles with Blessing Oil and light. One at a time, repeat the following incantation:

“Friendship mine, friendship true,
 Friendship sent from me to you;
 Friendship strong, friendship free,
 Friendship sent from you to me;
 Friendship true, friendship bold,
 Friendship new, friendship old;
 More precious now than gold or gem,
 May our friendship never end ~
 This we ask in the name of the Lord and Lady,
 So mote it be!”

Now toast to your friendship by taking a sip of wine from the chalice and breaking off a piece of the ritual cake or cookies. Write a special wish on the piece of paper that is just for the two of you then light the paper using the flame from the pink candle and place in cauldron to burn. (the ashes will be taken outside to release back out into the Earth afterwards).   If using the tarot cards, now is the time to do so.

When finished, close ritual and open the circle. Thank the deities and release the ashes in the cauldron outside – remembering to give back to the Earth.

Aquarius       -       blue and green
Pisces            -       white and green
Aries             -       white and pink
Taurus          -       red and yellow
Gemini          -      red and blue
Cancer          -      green and brown
Leo                -      red and green
Virgo             -     gold and black
Libra             -     black and blue
Scorpio         -     brown and black
Sagittarius    -     gold and red
Capricorn     -    red and brown


  1. Thank you for you comment on my blog! I am glad you found me, and now I have found you. Your blog looks wonderful and full of spirit! I look forward to reading through your posts! Blessings to you from Robin!

  2. Thanks for this! Me and a group of friends are planning to become Wiccans and form our own casual coven soon, so this will be great as our first ritual x