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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Witches Cords

I first learned about a Witches Cord back in 1998 when Willow and I attended a Wiccan community gathering in New Hope, PA. It was a Samhain celebration and one of the “party favors” in which they handed out to everyone in attendance was a rolled up scroll tied by three ribbons. The colors of the ribbons were black, orange and gold, the traditional colors of Samhain, and the scroll contained a Witches Cord sabbat spell or blessing.

The Witches Cord, sometimes referred to as a Witches Ladder, is a very simple and effective magickal working. It can be done in a Coven or by a solitary practitioner. Cords may be used in any general working or can also be used in Sabbat celebrations as mentioned above. This is a very old method of cord working which involves much concentration and visualization. The cords or ribbons are traditionally 18 inches in length and three different colors, preferably the colors which correspond to the specific spell or wish. It is usually accompanied by a type of chant or prayer while braiding the ribbons together:
“By the knot of one, the spell’s begun…
   by the knot of two, it cometh true…
   by the knot of three, my will shall be…
   by the knot of four, the power is more…
   by the knot of five, my spell’s alive…
   by the knot of six, the energies mix…
   by the knot of seven, the future I leaven…
   by the spell of eight, the power of fate…
   by the power of nine, what’s done is mine!”
When finished, the cord should be hung up some place where you can see it everyday. Sometimes our Wiccan group, The Old Path Enlightener’s Circle, uses Witches cords in our Sabbat rituals. We make a sabbat wish as we pray to the God and Goddess for the good of all. They are very easy to make and we really enjoy making them.  Although it is typically a Celtic tradition to make a Witches Cord on Samhain night, (this is the Witches New Year) as an expression of what you wish or hope for in the year to come, we also perform them at other times of the year as well. The following is an example of how to make a Witches Cord:
A WITCHES CORD (for Ostara)

What you will need ~

3 cords or ribbons approx. 3ft. in length (Pink, Light Blue and Lavender)
Ostara Incense (jasmine, rose, strawberry)
Charcoal Tablet
Cauldron or heat-proof container
Herbs (honeysuckle, Iris, violet)
Stones (rose quartz, moonstone)
Bag to contain your herbs and stones

Fold one end down of your ribbon & tie together to make a knot. Make a loop so that you may hang your cord in your home. Braid the three strands of ribbon together. As you are braiding, concentrate and say aloud what you are wishing for. When you are finished, tie a knot. On your braided cord, hang your bag containing your herbs and stones then add anything that has meaning to you that would be appropriate for the spell ~ jewelry, coins, etc.

Before hanging, charge your Witches Cord by passing it through the burning incense (over the charcoal) while saying:
“By the Divine Powers of the Lord and Lady,
  I charge this cord with positive intent and ask that my wishes be granted for the Sabbat of   
 Ostara. So mote it be!”

Give thanks to the Lord and Lady by giving an offering back to the Earth.


  1. I love these! We made one at a Yule sabbat one time.

  2. The night I made my first witches cord I had some thing come over me this was a few months back. I asked the goddess and god for their help.
    I have a picture of their answer. since that night I have went from 230 lbs. to 125 lbs. I look great and feel even better My wish was to be happy and to look good. now 3 months or so later I am very Happy And I look awesome! so now I find my self thanking them everyday.

  3. That's very helpful, thank you. I am a solitary practitioner right now and need all the tips/info I can get. And this isn't too complicated­čśâ