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Friday, February 18, 2011

How Far is Too Far?

Are religious beliefs and morality really one in the same? Do they necessarily go hand in hand together? Most definately not. Morals are not the same thing as religious beliefs. Everyone has (or should) have morals - religious or not.

I recall a conversation I had many years ago with a former co-worker. She was a Fundamentalist Christian who had always felt the need to try and change my beliefs. One time, while in the process of attempting to convert me, I remember the conversation very quickly turning into a religious debate on the subject of religious wars as she asked me, “Wouldn’t you kill for your religion?” The question not only appalled me, it literally took me aback and, without hesitation, I immediately replied, “Absolutely not!” As a Wiccan and Solitary Priestess, I would never even consider committing such an act in the name of Wicca – or any religion for that matter. The Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the Salem Witch trials – these were not the actions of so-called “moral” people. These are merely examples of how religion, any religion, can be and has been taken too far. I do not feel we should need religion to dictate to us what is right and wrong. To me, it is purely a matter of common sense. Religion is still after all a man-made concept whereas “faith” is not.  For this reason, I much prefer the word faith to religion. Our faith is very personal to each and every one of us and should never be used by anyone or any group for some personal or political agenda such as religious wars, governmental laws, religious control through church dominance, etc.

If only we, as a society, could just learn to use moderation in our daily lives rather than taking things to the extremes and realize that too much of anything isn’t necessarily a good thing. As a member of the Pagan clergy, I am and always have been a very strong supporter of religious freedom; however, I don’t believe it should be at the expense of harming someone else. That being said, just think of all the good that could be achieved if we all learned to respect one another’s beliefs – religious or otherwise.


  1. We have had much of this - home schooling has been a HUGE eye opener to religion.

    Love Leanne

  2. Good for you! It often surprises me when I hear people try to justify violence, or even just cutting other people down in non-violent ways, with their religion.