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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Busy Weekend

Of course being a Wiccan, I myself do not celebrate the holiday of Easter; however, I respect the fact that my own family and my husband’s family does. It had just been one of those crazy weekends for us.  Beginning with our kitty cat Midnight getting sick on Friday night and continuing through the weekend ending with our usual running around to our two respective family's gatherings all day on Easter Sunday - spending the day visiting relatives whom we rarely get to see any other time except for the Christian holidays and pretty much “pigging out" the entire day.
We had to take Midnight to the vet because he had been vomiting his food almost every time he tried to eat and we noticed that what was making it into his system, wasn't making it back out! So we took him to the vet Saturday morning and they kept him there all day in order to do some tests - poor guy was poked an proded in every single oriphis of his little body i.e. ears, mouth, nose and "you know where." They also decided to do some blood work and a urine test as well.
Alas, they had found nothing, gave him an enema and sent him on his way back home to us (along with a big, fat vet bill of course). This was the second vet we had consulted regarding this particular problem. I suppose for the time being, we will just have to keep an eye on him and see what happens. So far, so good.

Needless to say, Midnight was ecstatic to be back home with the rest of us. How do I know? Well, usually after we bring him home from the vet's, he runs and hides underneath the bed and we do not see him for a couple of hours after. This time, he ran right over to his catnip toy that I made for him and began purring.

Besides, our home is his kitty cat "safety zone" and the place where he knows he is loved more than anything in the whole world. It is so hard to imagine our lives without his sweetness and love - and  I know that he loves us as much as we love him!
Snuggling up with mommy


  1. Did the vet do an ultrasound on Midnight?

  2. No, just x-rays so far. Perhaps he will perform one if we have to take him back??

  3. Oh, and the x-rays did not show anything internal such as tumors or a blockage. Trust me, I will keep a very close watch on him!

    Thank you so much for your concern,


  4. So far, so good since his vet visit on Monday. We are keeping an eye on him, but he seems to be getting back to normal - thank you so much for asking!

    Love you,


  5. You have the same pillow covers as me! Funny, haha. Well your cat is simply adorable, they all are. I was wondering, if you would know a protection spell for house hold animals? I can't seem to come up with one. Thank you and blessed be! )O(