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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yet Another Rainy Spring Day ...

Yes, it has been yet another cold, rainy Spring day here in the state of PA. In  fact, in the past three weeks, it has rained every single day save for 3 or 4.  In PA Dutch Country, we call this dunna wetter ("bad weather"). Luckily, one of the days in which it didn't rain happened to be on the full moon as the Goddess blessed us all with her all consuming beauty.

As I gaze at the pretty pink carnation sitting on my kitchen counter, which was so thoughtfully given to me by my friend Sara at our esbat on Sunday, I think about how amazingly fresh and alive it still looks after a few days in our dreary house without much sunshine. How resilient and happy this little flower seems to be without the sun shinig brightly on it.

It makes me realize that I shouldn't gripe so much about "all the yucky rain" we have been having lately - after all, if this beautifully humble little flower can survive the wait for Spring weather, so can I!


  1. It is dreary here as well, and chilly. Finding inspiration is a tad tricky, and waiting for the warm spring weather, and lots of flowers is tough.But we know it is coming,and the waiting, though it seems long, will make it that much more wonderful to appreciate. Your pink carnation speaks volumes towards the joys of spring!!

  2. Mmmm. well said, my sister. Hope the rays of spring find you soon.